Sandra Bouwhuis
Sandra Bouwhuis
Scientific director, Institute of Avian Research
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Climate change and population declines in a long-distance migratory bird
C Both, S Bouwhuis, CM Lessells, ME Visser
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Heterogeneous selection on a heritable temperament trait in a variable environment
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Quantitative assessment of the importance of phenotypic plasticity in adaptation to climate change in wild bird populations
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The forms and fitness cost of senescence: age-specific recapture, survival, reproduction, and reproductive value in a wild bird population
S Bouwhuis, R Choquet, BC Sheldon, S Verhulst
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Individual variation in rates of senescence: natal origin effects and disposable soma in a wild bird population
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Reproductive effort accelerates actuarial senescence in wild birds: an experimental study
JJ Boonekamp, M Salomons, S Bouwhuis, C Dijkstra, S Verhulst
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Global phenological insensitivity to shifting ocean temperatures among seabirds
K Keogan, F Daunt, S Wanless, RA Phillips, CA Walling, P Agnew, ...
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Personality and basal metabolic rate in a wild bird population
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Age‐dependent trait variation: the relative contribution of within‐individual change, selective appearance and disappearance in a long‐lived seabird
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Sex-specific pathways of parental age effects on offspring lifetime reproductive success in a long-lived seabird
S Bouwhuis, O Vedder, PH Becker
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The diversity of population responses to environmental change
F Colchero, OR Jones, DA Conde, D Hodgson, F Zajitschek, BR Schmidt, ...
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Telomere attrition and growth: A life‐history framework and case study in common terns
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Basal metabolic rate and the rate of senescence in the great tit
S Bouwhuis, BC Sheldon, S Verhulst
Functional Ecology 25 (4), 829-838, 2011
Telomere length is repeatable, shortens with age and reproductive success, and predicts remaining lifespan in a long‐lived seabird
C Bichet, S Bouwhuis, C Bauch, S Verhulst, PH Becker, O Vedder
Molecular Ecology 29 (2), 429-441, 2020
Fitness prospects: effects of age, sex and recruitment age on reproductive value in a long‐lived seabird
H Zhang, M Rebke, PH Becker, S Bouwhuis
Journal of Animal Ecology 84 (1), 199-207, 2015
Life span and reproductive cost explain interspecific variation in the optimal onset of reproduction
E Mourocq, P Bize, S Bouwhuis, R Bradley, A Charmantier, C de la Cruz, ...
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Telomere length is heritable and genetically correlated with lifespan in a wild bird
O Vedder, M Moiron, C Bichet, C Bauch, S Verhulst, PH Becker, ...
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Heterogeneity in individual quality in birds: overall patterns and insights from a study on common terns
O Vedder, S Bouwhuis
Oikos 127 (5), 719-727, 2018
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