Lakshmi GBVS
Lakshmi GBVS
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Synthesis and characterization of Se doped polyaniline
G Lakshmi, M Alam, AM Siddiqui, M Zulfequar, M Husain
Current Applied Physics 11 (2), 217-222, 2011
RF-plasma polymerization and characterization of polyaniline
G Lakshmi, A Dhillon, AM Siddiqui, M Zulfequar, DK Avasthi
European Polymer Journal 45 (10), 2873-2877, 2009
A highly sensitive label-free amperometric biosensor for norfloxacin detection based on chitosan-yttria nanocomposite
AK Yadav, TK Dhiman, G Lakshmi, AN Berlina, PR Solanki
International journal of biological macromolecules 151, 566-575, 2020
Synthesis, electrical conductivity, and dielectric behavior of polyaniline/V2O5 composites
S Islam, G Lakshmi, AM Siddiqui, M Husain, M Zulfequar
International Journal of Polymer Science 2013, 2013
Electrocatalytic biofuel cell based on highly efficient metal-polymer nano-architectured bioelectrodes
P Mishra, G Lakshmi, S Mishra, DK Avasthi, HC Swart, APF Turner, ...
Nano Energy 39, 601-607, 2017
Electrical and spectroscopic characterization of p-toluene sulfonic acid doped poly (o-toluidine) and poly (o-toluidine) blends
G Lakshmi, V Ali, P Kulriya, AM Siddiqui, M Husain, M Zulfequar
Physica B: Condensed Matter 392 (1-2), 259-265, 2007
Dimanganese trioxide (Mn2O3) based label-free electrochemical biosensor for detection of Aflatoxin-B1
AK Singh, TK Dhiman, G Lakshmi, PR Solanki
Bioelectrochemistry 137, 107684, 2021
Gut microbiota derived trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) detection through molecularly imprinted polymer based sensor
G Lakshmi, AK Yadav, N Mehlawat, R Jalandra, PR Solanki, A Kumar
Scientific reports 11 (1), 1-14, 2021
Silver molybdate nanoparticles based immunosensor for the non-invasive detection of Interleukin-8 biomarker
N Pachauri, G Lakshmi, S Sri, PK Gupta, PR Solanki
Materials Science and Engineering: C 113, 110911, 2020
Mesoporous polyaniline nanofiber decorated graphene micro-flowers for enzyme-less cholesterol biosensors
G Lakshmi, A Sharma, PR Solanki, DK Avasthi
Nanotechnology 27 (34), 345101, 2016
Fluorescence tuning behavior of carbon quantum dots with gold nanoparticles via novel intercalation effect of aldicarb
RK Sajwan, G Lakshmi, PR Solanki
Food Chemistry 340, 127835, 2021
Polypyrrole Based Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Platform for Klebsiella pneumonia Detection
R Sharma, G Lakshmi, A Kumar, P Solanki
ECS Sensors Plus 1 (1), 010603, 2022
Modifications induced in poly (3-hexylthiophene) due to swift heavy ion beam of 100 MeV silver (Ag8+)
A Kaur, A Dhillon, G Lakshmi, Y Mishra, DK Avasthi
Materials Chemistry and Physics 131 (1-2), 436-442, 2011
Surface functionalization of epitaxial graphene on SiC by ion irradiation for gas sensing application
PD Kaushik, IG Ivanov, PC Lin, G Kaur, J Eriksson, G Lakshmi, DK Avasthi, ...
Applied Surface Science 403, 707-716, 2017
Optical studies of SHI Irradiated poly (o-toluidine)-PVC blends
G Lakshmi, V Ali, AM Siddiqui, PK Kulriya, M Zulfequar
The European Physical Journal-Applied Physics 39 (3), 251-255, 2007
Surface functionalization of epitaxial graphene using ion implantation for sensing and optical applications
PD Kaushik, M Rodner, G Lakshmi, IG Ivanov, G Greczynski, J Palisaitis, ...
Carbon 157, 169-184, 2020
Ion irradiation induced modifications of P3HT: a donor material for organic photovoltaic devices
T Sharma, R Singhal, R Vishnoi, G Lakshmi, S Chand, DK Avasthi, ...
Vacuum 135, 73-85, 2017
Synthesis and characterization of thin films of poly (3-methyl thiophene) by rf-plasma polymerization
G Lakshmi, A Dhillon, DK Avasthi, AM Siddiqui, M Zulfequar
Materials Letters 64 (15), 1672-1673, 2010
Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline prepared with the dopant mixture of (ZrO2/PbI2)
S Ameen, G Lakshmi, M Husain
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (10), 105104, 2009
Formation of nanowires via single particle-triggered linear polymerization of solid-state aromatic molecules
A Horio, T Sakurai, G Lakshmi, DK Avasthi, M Sugimoto, T Yamaki, S Seki
Nanoscale 8 (32), 14925-14931, 2016
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