Melody Anne  de Laat
Melody Anne de Laat
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Equine laminitis: induced by 48 h hyperinsulinaemia in Standardbred horses
MA de Laat, CM McGowan, MN Sillence, CC Pollitt
Equine veterinary journal 42 (2), 129-135, 2010
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MA de Laat, MN Sillence, CM McGowan, CC Pollitt
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Distances travelled by feral horses in ‘outback’Australia
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Equine Veterinary Journal 42, 582-586, 2010
The diagnosis of equine insulin dysregulation
FR Bertin, MA De Laat
Equine veterinary journal 49 (5), 570-576, 2017
Equine laminitis: comparative histopathology 48 hours after experimental induction with insulin or alimentary oligofructose in standardbred horses
MA De Laat, AW Van Eps, CM McGowan, MN Sillence, CC Pollitt
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Histological and morphometric lesions in the pre-clinical, developmental phase of insulin-induced laminitis in Standardbred horses
MA de Laat, JC Patterson-Kane, CC Pollitt, MN Sillence, CM McGowan
The Veterinary Journal 195 (3), 305-312, 2013
A potential role for lamellar insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor in the pathogenesis of hyperinsulinaemic laminitis
MA de Laat, CC Pollitt, MT Kyaw-Tanner, CM McGowan, MN Sillence
The Veterinary Journal 197 (2), 302-306, 2013
The developmental and acute phases of insulin-induced laminitis involve minimal metalloproteinase activity
MA De Laat, MT Kyaw-Tanner, AR Nourian, CM McGowan, MN Sillence, ...
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The oral glucose test predicts laminitis risk in ponies fed a diet high in nonstructural carbohydrates
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MA De Laat, MT Kyaw-Tanner, MN Sillence, CM McGowan, CC Pollitt
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Hyperinsulinemic laminitis
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The repeatability of an oral glucose test in ponies
MA de Laat, MN Sillence
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Sustained, low‐intensity exercise achieved by a dynamic feeding system decreases body fat in ponies
MA De Laat, BA Hampson, MN Sillence, CC Pollitt
Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 30 (5), 1732-1738, 2016
The sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitor velagliflozin reduces hyperinsulinemia and prevents laminitis in insulin-dysregulated ponies
A Meier, D Reiche, M de Laat, C Pollitt, D Walsh, M Sillence
PLoS One 13 (9), e0203655, 2018
The feral horse foot. Part A: observational study of the effect of environment on the morphometrics of the feet of 100 A ustralian feral horses
BA Hampson, MA De Laat, PC Mills, CC Pollitt
Australian Veterinary Journal 91 (1-2), 14-22, 2013
Novel keratins identified by quantitative proteomic analysis as the major cytoskeletal proteins of equine (Equus caballus) hoof lamellar tissue
RA Carter, V Shekk, MA De Laat, CC Pollitt, HL Galantino-Homer
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Toll-like receptor and pro-inflammatory cytokine expression during prolonged hyperinsulinaemia in horses: implications for laminitis
MA De Laat, CK Clement, CM McGowan, MN Sillence, CC Pollitt, ...
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Incidence and risk factors for recurrence of endocrinopathic laminitis in horses
MA de Laat, DB Reiche, MN Sillence, JM McGree
Journal of veterinary internal medicine 33 (3), 1473-1482, 2019
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