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Mitofusin 2 (Mfn2) links mitochondrial and endoplasmic reticulum function with insulin signaling and is essential for normal glucose homeostasis
D Sebastián, MI Hernández-Alvarez, J Segalés, E Sorianello, JP Muñoz, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (14), 5523-5528, 2012
Mfn2 deficiency links age‐related sarcopenia and impaired autophagy to activation of an adaptive mitophagy pathway
D Sebastián, E Sorianello, J Segalés, A Irazoki, V Ruiz‐Bonilla, D Sala, ...
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Mitochondrial fusion proteins: dual regulators of morphology and metabolism
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Regulation of muscle stem cell functions: a focus on the p38 MAPK signaling pathway
J Segalés, E Perdiguero, P Muñoz-Cánoves
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Sestrin prevents atrophy of disused and aging muscles by integrating anabolic and catabolic signals
J Segalés, E Perdiguero, AL Serrano, P Sousa-Victor, L Ortet, M Jardí, ...
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The dystrophin glycoprotein complex regulates the epigenetic activation of muscle stem cell commitment
NC Chang, MC Sincennes, FP Chevalier, CE Brun, M Lacaria, J Segalés, ...
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Senescence atlas reveals an aged-like inflamed niche that blunts muscle regeneration
V Moiseeva, A Cisneros, V Sica, O Deryagin, Y Lai, S Jung, E Andrés, ...
Nature 613 (7942), 169-178, 2023
Muscle repair after physiological damage relies on nuclear migration for cellular reconstruction
W Roman, H Pinheiro, MR Pimentel, J Segalés, LM Oliveira, ...
Science 374 (6565), 355-359, 2021
The chromatin remodeling complex Chd4/NuRD controls striated muscle identity and metabolic homeostasis
P Gómez-del Arco, E Perdiguero, PS Yunes-Leites, R Acín-Pérez, M Zeini, ...
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Epigenetic control of adult skeletal muscle stem cell functions
J Segalés, E Perdiguero, P Muñoz‐Cánoves
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Mitochondrial dynamics maintain muscle stem cell regenerative competence throughout adult life by regulating metabolism and mitophagy
X Hong, J Isern, S Campanario, E Perdiguero, I Ramírez-Pardo, ...
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A form of mitofusin 2 (Mfn2) lacking the transmembrane domains and the COOH-terminal end stimulates metabolism in muscle and liver cells
J Segales, JC Paz, MI Hernández-Alvarez, D Sala, JP Muñoz, E Noguera, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 305 (10), E1208 …, 2013
Glucocorticoid modulation of mitochondrial function in hepatoma cells requires the mitochondrial fission protein Drp1
MI Hernández-Alvarez, JC Paz, D Sebastián, JP Munoz, M Liesa, ...
Antioxidants & redox signaling 19 (4), 366-378, 2013
Chromatin-wide and transcriptome profiling integration uncovers p38α MAPK as a global regulator of skeletal muscle differentiation
J Segalés, AB Islam, R Kumar, QC Liu, P Sousa-Victor, FJ Dilworth, ...
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The molecular machinery of mitochondrial fusion and fission: an opportunity for drug discovery?
A Zorzano, D Sebastian, J Segales, M Palacin
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New Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase-like Protein in Insecta with an Essential Mitochondrial Function*♦
T Guitart, TL Bernardo, J Sagales, T Stratmann, J Bernues, ...
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CHD4 ensures stem cell lineage fidelity during skeletal muscle regeneration
K Sreenivasan, A Rodríguez-delaRosa, J Kim, D Mesquita, J Segalés, ...
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Dinámica mitocondrial y sus implicaciones en la desregulación metabólica y en la neurodegeneración
A Zorzano, J Segalés, MI Hernández-Álvarez, E Sorianello
Monografías de la Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia, 2012
Author Correction: Senescence atlas reveals an aged-like inflamed niche that blunts muscle regeneration
V Moiseeva, A Cisneros, V Sica, O Deryagin, Y Lai, S Jung, E Andrés, ...
Nature 614 (7949), E45, 2023
Polycomb Ezh1 maintains murine muscle stem cell quiescence through non-canonical regulation of Notch signaling
X Feng, AH Wang, AH Juan, KD Ko, K Jiang, G Riparini, V Ciuffoli, A Kaba, ...
Developmental Cell 58 (12), 1052-1070. e10, 2023
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