Sabine Langie
Sabine Langie
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Assessing the carcinogenic potential of low-dose exposures to chemical mixtures in the environment: the challenge ahead
WH Goodson III, L Lowe, DO Carpenter, M Gilbertson, A Manaf Ali, ...
Carcinogenesis 36 (Suppl_1), S254-S296, 2015
Causes of genome instability: the effect of low dose chemical exposures in modern society
SAS Langie, G Koppen, D Desaulniers, F Al-Mulla, R Al-Temaimi, ...
Carcinogenesis 36 (Suppl_1), S61-S88, 2015
Comparison of methods for quantification of global DNA methylation in human cells and tissues
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Comet assay to measure DNA repair: approach and applications
A Azqueta, J Slyskova, SAS Langie, I O’Neill Gaivão, A Collins
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Variation in the measurement of DNA damage by comet assay measured by the ECVAG† inter-laboratory validation trial
L Forchhammer, C Johansson, S Loft, L Möller, RWL Godschalk, ...
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Meta-analysis of epigenome-wide association studies in neonates reveals widespread differential DNA methylation associated with birthweight
LK Küpers, C Monnereau, GC Sharp, P Yousefi, LA Salas, A Ghantous, ...
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Adult-onset, short-term dietary restriction reduces cell senescence in mice
C Wang, M Maddick, S Miwa, D Jurk, R Czapiewski, G Saretzki, ...
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An ECVAG trial on assessment of oxidative damage to DNA measured by the comet assay
C Johansson, P Møller, L Forchhammer, S Loft, RWL Godschalk, ...
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Minimum Information for Reporting on the Comet Assay (MIRCA): recommendations for describing comet assay procedures and results
P Møller, A Azqueta, E Boutet-Robinet, G Koppen, S Bonassi, M Milić, ...
Nature protocols 15 (12), 3817-3826, 2020
The comet assay: past, present, and future
SAS Langie, A Azqueta, AR Collins
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Cohort profile: pregnancy and childhood epigenetics (PACE) consortium
JF Felix, BR Joubert, AA Baccarelli, GC Sharp, C Almqvist, ...
International journal of epidemiology 47 (1), 22-23u, 2018
Development and validation of a modified comet assay to phenotypically assess nucleotide excision repair
SAS Langie, AM Knaapen, KJJ Brauers, D van Berlo, FJ van Schooten, ...
Mutagenesis 21 (2), 153-158, 2006
The next three decades of the comet assay: a report of the 11th International Comet Assay Workshop
G Koppen, A Azqueta, B Pourrut, G Brunborg, AR Collins, SAS Langie
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RELIC: a novel dye-bias correction method for Illumina Methylation BeadChip
Z Xu, SAS Langie, P De Boever, JA Taylor, L Niu
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Dietary and supplemental maternal methyl-group donor intake and cord blood DNA methylation
S Pauwels, M Ghosh, RC Duca, B Bekaert, K Freson, I Huybrechts, ...
Epigenetics 12 (1), 1-10, 2017
Maternal folate depletion and high‐fat feeding from weaning affects DNA methylation and DNA repair in brain of adult offspring
SAS Langie, S Achterfeldt, JP Gorniak, KJA Halley‐Hogg, D Oxley, ...
The FASEB Journal 27 (8), 3323-3334, 2013
Effects of micronutrients on DNA repair
AR Collins, A Azqueta, SAS Langie
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The role of glutathione in the regulation of nucleotide excision repair during oxidative stress
SAS Langie, AM Knaapen, JMJ Houben, FC van Kempen, JPJ de Hoon, ...
Toxicology letters 168 (3), 302-309, 2007
Salivary DNA methylation profiling: aspects to consider for biomarker identification
SAS Langie, M Moisse, K Declerck, G Koppen, L Godderis, ...
Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology 121, 93-101, 2017
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