Svetoslav Markov
Svetoslav Markov
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
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Calculus for interval functions of a real variable
S Markov
Computing 22 (4), 325-337, 1979
On directed interval arithmetic and its applications
S Markov
J. UCS The Journal of Universal Computer Science, 514-526, 1996
On the Hausdorff distance between the Heaviside step function and Verhulst logistic function
N Kyurkchiev, S Markov
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Sigmoid functions: some approximation and modelling aspects
N Kyurkchiev, S Markov
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Extended interval arithmetics: new results and applications
NS Dimitrova, SM Markov, ED Popova
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On the Approximation of the step function by some sigmoid functions
A Iliev, N Kyurkchiev, S Markov
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Extended interval arithmetic involving infinite intervals
SM Markov
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Extended interval arithmetic
SM Markov
Compt. Rend. Acad. Bulg. Sci 30 (9), 1239-1242, 1977
The set of Hausdorff continuous functions—the largest linear space of interval functions
R Anguelov, S Markov, B Sendov
Reliable Computing 12 (5), 337-363, 2006
An iterative method for algebraic solution to interval equations
S Markov
Applied Numerical Mathematics 30 (2-3), 225-239, 1999
Some techniques for recurrence generating of activation functions
N Kyurkchiev, A Iliev, S Markov
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2017
Hausdorff continuous interval functions and approximations
R Anguelov, S Markov
International Symposium on Scientific Computing, Computer Arithmetic, and …, 2015
On the algebraic properties of convex bodies and some applications
S Markov
Journal of convex analysis 7 (1), 129-166, 2000
The contribution of T. Sunaga to interval analysis and reliable computing
S Markov, K Okumura
Developments in Reliable Computing, 167-188, 1999
A note on the Log-logistic and transmuted Log-logistic models. Some applications
S Markov, A Iliev, A Rahnev, N Kyurkchiev
Dynamic Systems and Applications 27 (3), 593-607, 2018
On quasilinear spaces of convex bodies and intervals
S Markov
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 162 (1), 93-112, 2004
A non-standard subtraction of intervals
S Markov
Serdica 3, 359-370, 1977
On the numerical solution of the general kinetic “K-angle” reaction system
N Kyurkchiev, S Markov
Journal of Mathematical Chemistry 54 (3), 792-805, 2016
On the chemical meaning of some growth models possessing Gompertzian‐type property
R Anguelov, M Borisov, A Iliev, N Kyurkchiev, S Markov
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 41 (18), 8365-8376, 2018
Quasilinear spaces and their relation to vector spaces
S Markov
Electronic Journal on Mathematics of Computation 2 (1), 1-21, 2005
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