Pierfilippo De Sanctis
Pierfilippo De Sanctis
Assistant Professor, Departments of Pediatrics & Neurology, AECOM
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Seeing voices: High-density electrical mapping and source-analysis of the multisensory mismatch negativity evoked during the McGurk illusion
D Saint-Amour, P De Sanctis, S Molholm, W Ritter, JJ Foxe
Neuropsychologia 45 (3), 587-597, 2007
Recalibration of inhibitory control systems during walking-related dual-task interference: a mobile brain-body imaging (MOBI) study
P De Sanctis, JS Butler, BR Malcolm, JJ Foxe
Neuroimage 94, 55-64, 2014
The aging brain shows less flexible reallocation of cognitive resources during dual-task walking: a mobile brain/body imaging (MoBI) study
BR Malcolm, JJ Foxe, JS Butler, P De Sanctis
Neuroimage 117, 230-242, 2015
Are auditory-evoked frequency and duration mismatch negativity deficits endophenotypic for schizophrenia? High-density electrical mapping in clinically unaffected first-degree …
E Magno, S Yeap, JH Thakore, H Garavan, P De Sanctis, JJ Foxe
Biological psychiatry 64 (5), 385-391, 2008
Intact inhibitory control processes in abstinent drug abusers (II): a high-density electrical mapping study in former cocaine and heroin addicts
KP Morie, H Garavan, RP Bell, P De Sanctis, MI Krakowski, JJ Foxe
Neuropharmacology 82, 151-160, 2014
Early visual processing deficits in dysbindin-associated schizophrenia
G Donohoe, DW Morris, P De Sanctis, E Magno, JL Montesi, HP Garavan, ...
Biological psychiatry 63 (5), 484-489, 2008
Executive dysfunction and reward dysregulation: a high-density electrical mapping study in cocaine abusers
KP Morie, P De Sanctis, H Garavan, JJ Foxe
Neuropharmacology 85, 397-407, 2014
Enhanced and bilateralized visual sensory processing in the ventral stream may be a feature of normal aging
P De Sanctis, R Katz, GR Wylie, P Sehatpour, GS Alexopoulos, JJ Foxe
Neurobiology of Aging 29 (10), 1576-1586, 2008
Cognitive control in late-life depression: response inhibition deficits and dysfunction of the anterior cingulate cortex
R Katz, P De Sanctis, JR Mahoney, P Sehatpour, CF Murphy, ...
The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 18 (11), 1017-1025, 2010
Disturbances in response inhibition and emotional processing as potential pathways to violence in schizophrenia: a high-density event-related potential study
MI Krakowski, P De Sanctis, JJ Foxe, MJ Hoptman, K Nolan, S Kamiel, ...
Schizophrenia bulletin 42 (4), 963-974, 2016
Visual sensory processing deficits in schizophrenia: is there anything to the magnocellular account?
EC Lalor, P De Sanctis, MI Krakowski, JJ Foxe
Schizophrenia research 139 (1-3), 246-252, 2012
Cognitive load reduces the effects of optic flow on gait and electrocortical dynamics during treadmill walking
BR Malcolm, JJ Foxe, JS Butler, S Molholm, P De Sanctis
Journal of neurophysiology 120 (5), 2246-2259, 2018
Throwing out the rules: anticipatory alpha‐band oscillatory attention mechanisms during task‐set reconfigurations
JJ Foxe, JW Murphy, P De Sanctis
European Journal of Neuroscience 39 (11), 1960-1972, 2014
Mobile brain/body imaging (MoBI): high-density electrical mapping of inhibitory processes during walking
P De Sanctis, JS Butler, JM Green, AC Snyder, JJ Foxe
2012 Annual international conference of the IEEE engineering in medicine and …, 2012
Preserved executive function in high‐performing elderly is driven by large‐scale recruitment of prefrontal cortical mechanisms
P De Sanctis, M Gomez‐Ramirez, P Sehatpour, GR Wylie, JJ Foxe
Human brain mapping 30 (12), 4198-4214, 2009
Long-term test-retest reliability of event-related potential (ERP) recordings during treadmill walking using the mobile brain/body imaging (MoBI) approach
BR Malcolm, JJ Foxe, JS Butler, WB Mowrey, S Molholm, P De Sanctis
Brain research 1716, 62-69, 2019
Early sensory–perceptual processing deficits for affectively valenced inputs are more pronounced in schizophrenia patients with a history of violence than in their non-violent …
P De Sanctis, JJ Foxe, P Czobor, GR Wylie, SM Kamiel, J Huening, ...
Social cognitive and affective neuroscience 8 (6), 678-687, 2013
Preattentively grouped tones do not elicit MMN with respect to each other
W Ritter, P De Sanctis, S Molholm, DC Javitt, JJ Foxe
Psychophysiology 43 (5), 423-430, 2006
Neuroanatomical abnormalities in violent individuals with and without a diagnosis of schizophrenia
VA Del Bene, JJ Foxe, LA Ross, MI Krakowski, P Czobor, P De Sanctis
PLoS one 11 (12), e0168100, 2016
Regulating task-monitoring systems in response to variable reward contingencies and outcomes in cocaine addicts
KP Morie, P De Sanctis, H Garavan, JJ Foxe
Psychopharmacology 233, 1105-1118, 2016
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