gerson zaverucha
gerson zaverucha
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Neural-symbolic learning and reasoning: A survey and interpretation
AA Garcez, S Bader, H Bowman, LC Lamb, L de Penning, BV Illuminoo, ...
Neuro-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence: The State of the Art 342 (1), 327, 2022
The connectionist inductive learning and logic programming system
AS Avila Garcez, G Zaverucha
Applied Intelligence 11, 59-77, 1999
Fast relational learning using bottom clause propositionalization with artificial neural networks
MVM França, G Zaverucha, AS d’Avila Garcez
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A distribution design methodology for object DBMS
F Baião, M Mattoso, G Zaverucha
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A multi-objective optimization approach accurately resolves protein domain architectures
JS Bernardes, FRJ Vieira, G Zaverucha, A Carbone
Bioinformatics 32 (3), 345-353, 2016
Improvement in protein domain identification is reached by breaking consensus, with the agreement of many profiles and domain co-occurrence
J Bernardes, G Zaverucha, C Vaquero, A Carbone
PLoS computational biology 12 (7), e1005038, 2016
Evaluation and improvements of clustering algorithms for detecting remote homologous protein families
JS Bernardes, FRJ Vieira, LMM Costa, G Zaverucha
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Object oriented design expertise reuse: An approach based on heuristics, design patterns and anti-patterns
AL Correa, CML Werner, G Zaverucha
International Conference on Software Reuse, 336-352, 2000
Improving model construction of profile HMMs for remote homology detection through structural alignment
JS Bernardes, AMR Dávila, VS Costa, G Zaverucha
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Logical inference and inductive learning in artificial neural networks
ASA Garcez, G Zaverucha, LAV De Carvalho
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Learning logic programs with neural networks
R Basilio, G Zaverucha, VC Barbosa
Inductive Logic Programming: 11th International Conference, ILP 2001 …, 2001
Horizontal fragmentation in object dbms: New issues and performance evaluation
F Baião, M Mattoso, G Zaverucha
Conference Proceedings of the 2000 IEEE International Performance, Computing …, 2000
Using the bottom clause and mode declarations in FOL theory revision from examples
AL Duboc, A Paes, G Zaverucha
Machine learning 76, 73-107, 2009
Probabilistic first-order theory revision from examples
A Paes, K Revoredo, G Zaverucha, VS Costa
Inductive Logic Programming: 15th International Conference, ILP 2005, Bonn …, 2005
Chess revision: Acquiring the rules of chess variants through FOL theory revision from examples
S Muggleton, A Paes, V Santos Costa, G Zaverucha
Inductive Logic Programming: 19th International Conference, ILP 2009, Leuven …, 2010
Artificial neural networks for power systems diagnosis
V Navarro, AL da Silva, LAV de Carvalho, G Zaverucha
Proceedings of 1994 IEEE International Conference on Neural Networks (ICNN …, 1994
Towards an inductive design of distributed object oriented databases
F Baido, M Mattoso, G Zaverucha
Proceedings. 3rd IFCIS International Conference on Cooperative Information …, 1998
Neural-symbolic learning and reasoning: A survey and interpretation, CoRR abs/1711.03902 (2017)
TR Besold, ASA Garcez, S Bader, H Bowman, PM Domingos, P Hitzler, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.03902, 2017
ILP through propositionalization and stochastic k-term DNF learning
A Paes, F Železný, G Zaverucha, D Page, A Srinivasan
International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming, 379-393, 2006
Normal programs and multiple predicate learning
L Fogel, G Zaverucha
Inductive Logic Programming: 8th International Conference, ILP-98 Madison …, 1998
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