Corrie myburgh
Corrie myburgh
Други именаCornelius Myburgh, M Corrie
University of southern Denmark, Chiropractic Knowledge Hub
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Factors affecting return to work after injury or illness: best evidence synthesis of systematic reviews
C Cancelliere, J Donovan, MJ Stochkendahl, M Biscardi, C Ammendolia, ...
Chiropractic & manual therapies 24, 1-23, 2016
A systematic, critical review of manual palpation for identifying myofascial trigger points: evidence and clinical significance
C Myburgh, AH Larsen, J Hartvigsen
Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 89 (6), 1169-1176, 2008
Standardized manual palpation of myofascial trigger points in relation to neck/shoulder pain; the influence of clinical experience on inter-examiner reproducibility
C Myburgh, HH Lauridsen, AH Larsen, J Hartvigsen
Manual therapy 16 (2), 136-140, 2011
Effect of targeted strength, endurance, and coordination exercise on neck and shoulder pain among fighter pilots: a randomized-controlled trial
B Lange, P Toft, C Myburgh, G Sjøgaard
The Clinical journal of pain 29 (1), 50-59, 2013
Skeletal muscle contractility, self-reported pain and tissue sensitivity in females with neck/shoulder pain and upper trapezius myofascial trigger points–a randomized …
C Myburgh, J Hartvigsen, P Aagaard, A Holsgaard-Larsen
Chiropractic & manual therapies 20, 1-10, 2012
The relative effectiveness of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (Meloxicam) versus manipulation in the treatment of osteo-arthritis of the knee
C Myburgh
European journal of Chiropractic 50 (3), 163-183, 2003
Manager experiences with the return to work process in a large, publically funded, hospital setting: walking a fine line
MJ Stochkendahl, C Myburgh, AE Young, J Hartvigsen
Journal of occupational rehabilitation 25, 752-762, 2015
The development of contemporary chiropractic education in Denmark: an exploratory study
C Myburgh, J Mouton
Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics 31 (8), 583-592, 2008
Everyday burden of musculoskeletal conditions among villagers in rural Botswana: a focused ethnography
M Hondras, J Hartvigsen, C Myburgh, H Johannessen
Journal of rehabilitation medicine 48 (5), 449-455, 2016
Standardized simulated palpation training–Development of a Palpation Trainer and assessment of palpatory skills in experienced and inexperienced clinicians
HL Anders, M Corrie, H Jan, R Cuno, H Marianne, M Kristian, A Per
Manual therapy 15 (3), 254-260, 2010
A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial to Determine Efficacy of Combined Spinal Manipulation and Patella Mobilization Compared to Patella Mobilization Alone in the …
NO Stakes, C Myburgh, JW Brantingham, RJ Moyer, M Jensen, G Globe
Journal of the American Chiropractic Association 43 (7), 2006
A qualitative exploration of key informant perspectives regarding the nature and impact of contemporary legislation on professional development: a grounded theory study of …
C Myburgh
Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics 37 (6), 383-395, 2014
Secondary legitimacy: a key mainstream health care inclusion strategy for the Danish chiropractic profession?
C Myburgh, J Hartvigsen, N Grunnet-Nilsson
Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics 31 (5), 392-395, 2008
Developmental issues in chiropractic: a South African practitioner and patient perspective
C Myburgh, J Mouton
Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics 30 (3), 206-214, 2007
The Nordic maintenance care program: what is maintenance care? Interview based survey of Danish chiropractors
C Myburgh, D Brandborg-Olsen, H Albert, L Hestbaek
Chiropractic & Manual Therapies 21, 1-9, 2013
Factors influencing implementation of the GLA: D Back, an educational/exercise intervention for low back pain: a mixed-methods study
I Ris, E Boyle, C Myburgh, J Hartvigsen, L Thomassen, A Kongsted
JBI evidence implementation 19 (4), 394-408, 2021
Factors affecting return to work after injury or illness: best evidence synthesis of systematic reviews. Chiropr Man Therap. 2016; 24 (1): 32
C Cancelliere, J Donovan, MJ Stochkendahl, M Biscardi, C Ammendolia, ...
S12998-016-0113-Z, 0
How can we assess the burden of muscle, bone and joint conditions in rural Botswana: context and methods for the MuBoJo focused ethnography
M Hondras, C Myburgh, J Hartvigsen, S Haldeman, H Johannessen
Chiropractic & manual therapies 23, 1-12, 2015
What are important consequences in children with non-specific spinal pain? A qualitative study of Danish children aged 9–12 years
HH Lauridsen, AB Stolpe, C Myburgh, L Hestbæk
BMJ open 10 (10), e037315, 2020
Assessing attitudes of patient-centred care among students in international chiropractic educational programs: a cross-sectional survey
K Hammerich, K Stuber, S Hogg-Johnson, A Abbas, M Harris, ...
Chiropractic & manual therapies 27, 1-9, 2019
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