Sungjun Kim
Sungjun Kim
Division of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Dongguk University
Потвърден имейл адрес: dongguk.edu
Analog synaptic behavior of a silicon nitride memristor
S Kim, H Kim, S Hwang, MH Kim, YF Chang, BG Park
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (46), 40420-40427, 2017
Resistive switching characteristics of Si3N4-based resistive-switching random-access memory cell with tunnel barrier for high density integration and low-power …
S Kim, S Jung, MH Kim, S Cho, BG Park
Applied Physics Letters 106 (21), 212106, 2015
Neuronal dynamics in HfO x/AlO y-based homeothermic synaptic memristors with low-power and homogeneous resistive switching
S Kim, J Chen, YC Chen, MH Kim, H Kim, MW Kwon, S Hwang, M Ismail, ...
Nanoscale 11 (1), 237-245, 2019
Scaling effect on silicon nitride memristor with highly doped Si substrate
S Kim, S Jung, MH Kim, YC Chen, YF Chang, KC Ryoo, S Cho, JH Lee, ...
Small 14 (19), 1704062, 2018
Nonlinear and multilevel resistive switching memory in Ni/Si3N4/Al2O3/TiN structures
S Kim, BG Park
Applied Physics Letters 108 (21), 212103, 2016
Biomimetic-inspired micro-nano hierarchical structures for capacitive pressure sensor applications
C Mahata, H Algadi, J Lee, S Kim, T Lee
Measurement 151, 107095, 2020
Understanding rectifying and nonlinear bipolar resistive switching characteristics in Ni/SiNx/p-Si memory devices
S Kim, YF Chang, BG Park
RSC Advances 7, 17882, 2017
Resistive switching and synaptic behaviors of an HfO2/Al2O3 stack on ITO for neuromorphic systems
C Mahata, C Lee, Y An, MH Kim, S Bang, CS Kim, JH Ryu, S Kim, H Kim, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 826, 154434, 2020
Controllable analog resistive switching and synaptic characteristics in ZrO2/ZTO bilayer memristive device for neuromorphic systems
M Ismail, H Abbas, C Choi, S Kim
Applied Surface Science 529, 147107, 2020
Fully Si compatible SiN resistive switching memory with large self-rectification ratio
S Kim, S Cho, BG Park
AIP Advances 6 (1), 015021, 2016
Long-term and short-term plasticity of Ta2O5/HfO2 memristor for hardware neuromorphic application
JH Ryu, C Mahata, S Kim
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 850, 156675, 2021
3-D floating-gate synapse array with spike-time-dependent plasticity
HS Choi, DH Wee, H Kim, S Kim, KC Ryoo, BG Park, Y Kim
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 65 (1), 101-107, 2017
Self-Rectifying Resistive Switching and Short-Term Memory Characteristics in Pt/HfO2/TaOx/TiN Artificial Synaptic Device
H Ryu, S Kim
Nanomaterials 10 (11), 2159, 2020
Synaptic characteristics of amorphous boron nitride-based memristors on a highly doped silicon substrate for neuromorphic engineering
J Lee, JH Ryu, B Kim, F Hussain, C Mahata, E Sim, M Ismail, Y Abbas, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (30), 33908-33916, 2020
Solution-processable ZnO thin film memristive device for resistive random access memory application
SR Patil, MY Chougale, TD Rane, SS Khot, AA Patil, OS Bagal, ...
Electronics 7 (12), 445, 2018
Nano-cone resistive memory for ultralow power operation
S Kim, S Jung, MH Kim, TH Kim, S Bang, S Cho, BG Park
Nanotechnology 28 (12), 125207, 2017
Enhancement of resistive switching performance by introducing a thin non-stoichiometric CeO2-x switching layer in TiO2-based resistive random access memory
M Ismail, SU Nisa, AM Rana, T Akbar, J Lee, S Kim
Applied Physics Letters 114 (1), 012101, 2019
Improved resistive switching characteristics in Ni/SiNx/p++-Si devices by tuning x
S Kim, YF Chang, MH Kim, BG Park
Applied Physics Letters 111 (3), 033509, 2017
Gradual bipolar resistive switching in Ni/Si3N4/n+-Si resistive-switching memory device for high-density integration and low-power applications
S Kim, S Jung, MH Kim, S Cho, BG Park
Solid-State Electronics 114, 94-97, 2015
Stabilized and RESET-voltage controlled multi-level switching characteristics in ZrO2-based memristors by inserting a-ZTO interface layer
M Ismail, H Abbas, C Choi, S Kim
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 835, 155256, 2020
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