Nilufa Ali
Nilufa Ali
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Structural correlates of semantic and phonemic fluency ability in first and second languages
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Cerebral Cortex 19 (11), 2690-2698, 2009
Where, when and why brain activation differs for bilinguals and monolinguals during picture naming and reading aloud
ŌP Jones, DW Green, A Grogan, C Pliatsikas, K Filippopolitis, N Ali, ...
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The role of the left head of caudate in suppressing irrelevant words
N Ali, DW Green, F Kherif, JT Devlin, CJ Price
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The mental representation of causal conditional reasoning: Mental models or causal models
N Ali, N Chater, M Oaksford
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Parallel recovery in a trilingual speaker: the use of the Bilingual Aphasia Test as a diagnostic complement to the Comprehensive Aphasia Test
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Causal interpretations affect conditional reasoning
N Ali, N Chater, M Oaksford
Manuscript. Department of Psychology, University of Warwick, 2004
International Symposium on Bilingualism, Utrecht
D Green, A Grogan, N Ali, JT Crinion, CJ Price
Exploring the role of subcortical structures in bilingual performance
DW Green, A Grogan, N Ali, JT Crinion, CJ Price
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