Jonathan Evans(余文生)
Jonathan Evans(余文生)
Associate Research Fellow,Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica
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Linguistic pitch analysis using functional principal component mixed effect models
JAD Aston, JM Chiou, JP Evans
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics) 59 …, 2010
African’tone in the Sinosphere
J Evans
Language and Linguistics 9 (3), 463-490, 2008
Unifying amplitude and phase analysis: A compositional data approach to functional multivariate mixed-effects modeling of Mandarin Chinese
PZ Hadjipantelis, JAD Aston, HG Müller, JP Evans
Journal of the American Statistical Association 110 (510), 545-559, 2015
Contact-induced tonogenesis in Southern Qiang
JP Evans
Language and Linguistics 2 (2), 63-110, 2001
Introduction to Qiang phonology and lexicon: Synchrony and diachrony.
JP Evans
Characterizing fundamental frequency in Mandarin: A functional principal component approach utilizing mixed effect models
PZ Hadjipantelis, JAD Aston, JP Evans
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 131 (6), 4651-4664, 2012
Recognizing syntactic errors in Chinese and English sentences: Brain electrical activity in Asperger's syndrome
AC Tsai, AN Savostyanov, A Wu, JP Evans, VSC Chien, HH Yang, ...
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders 7 (7), 889-905, 2013
Is there a Himalayan tone typology?
JP Evans
Senri ethnological studies 75, 199-219, 2009
Reconstruction of Proto-Qiang verb inflection
J Evans
Studies on Sino-Tibetan Languages: Festschrift in Honor of Academician Hwang …, 2004
Brain responses to spoken F0 changes: Is H special?
CH Hsu, JP Evans, CY Lee
Journal of Phonetics 51, 82-92, 2015
Uvular approximation as an articulatory vowel feature
JP Evans, JTS Sun, C Chiu, M Liou
Journal of the International Phonetic Association 46 (1), 1-31, 2016
The influence of Mandarin Chinese on minority languages in rural southwest China: a sociolinguistic study of tones in contact
JN Stanford, JP Evans
International journal of the sociology of language 2012 (215), 79-100, 2012
Vowel quality in Hongyan Qiang
J Evans
Language and Linguistics 7 (4), 731-754, 2006
Linguistic and Human Effects on F₀ in a Tonal Dialect of Qiang
J Evans, M Chu, JAD Aston, C Su
Phonetica 67 (1-2), 82-99, 2010
Types of tonal culminativity in languages of Sichuan and elsewhere
J Evans
Manuscript. Taipei: Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica, 2009
A bottom-up approach to vowel systems: the case of Yadu Qiang
JP Evans, C Huang
Cahiers de linguistique Asie orientale 36 (2), 147-186, 2007
Origins of vowel pharyngealization in Hongyan Qiang
J Evans
Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 29 (2), 95-126, 2006
Acoustics of tone in Indian Punjabi
J Evans, WC Yeh, R Kulkarni
Transactions of the Philological Society 116 (3), 509-528, 2018
High is not just the opposite of Low
JP Evans
Journal of Phonetics 51, 1-5, 2015
Mawo Qiangyu yuanyin yinxi zai tan [Mawo Qiang vowels revisited]
JTS Sun, JP Evans
Eastward Flows the Great River-Festschrift in Honor of Professor William SY …, 2013
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