Emma Carroll
Emma Carroll
University of Auckland and University of St Andrews
Потвърден имейл адрес: st-andrews.ac.uk
Animal cultures matter for conservation
P Brakes, SRX Dall, LM Aplin, S Bearhop, EL Carroll, P Ciucci, V Fishlock, ...
Science 363 (6431), 1032-1034, 2019
Genetic and genomic monitoring with minimally invasive sampling methods
EL Carroll, MW Bruford, JA DeWoody, G Leroy, A Strand, L Waits, J Wang
Evolutionary applications 11 (7), 1094-1119, 2018
Next‐generation metrics for monitoring genetic erosion within populations of conservation concern
G Leroy, EL Carroll, MW Bruford, JA DeWoody, A Strand, L Waits, J Wang
Evolutionary Applications 11 (7), 1066-1083, 2018
Marine mammals and microplastics: a systematic review and call for standardisation
LJ Zantis, EL Carroll, SE Nelms, T Bosker
Environmental Pollution 269, 116142, 2021
Population structure and individual movement of southern right whales around New Zealand and Australia
E Carroll, N Patenaude, A Alexander, D Steel, R Harcourt, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 432, 257-268, 2011
Cultural traditions across a migratory network shape the genetic structure of southern right whales around Australia and New Zealand
EL Carroll, CS Baker, M Watson, R Alderman, J Bannister, OE Gaggiotti, ...
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How few whales were there after whaling? Inference from contemporary mtDNA diversity
JA Jackson, NJ Patenaude, EL Carroll, CS Baker
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Reestablishment of former wintering grounds by New Zealand southern right whales
EL Carroll, WJ Rayment, AM Alexander, CS Baker, NJ Patenaude, ...
Marine Mammal Science 30 (1), 206-220, 2014
Accounting for female reproductive cycles in a superpopulation capture–recapture framework
EL Carroll, SJ Childerhouse, RM Fewster, NJ Patenaude, D Steel, ...
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Genomic methods take the plunge: recent advances in high-throughput sequencing of marine mammals
KM Cammen, KR Andrews, EL Carroll, AD Foote, E Humble, ...
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Abundance of the New Zealand subantarctic southern right whale population estimated from photo-identification and genotype mark-recapture
EL Carroll, NJ Patenaude, SJ Childerhouse, SD Kraus, RM Fewster, ...
Marine Biology 158, 2565-2575, 2011
A deepening understanding of animal culture suggests lessons for conservation
P Brakes, EL Carroll, SRX Dall, SA Keith, PK McGregor, SL Mesnick, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288 (1949), 20202718, 2021
An integrated approach to historical population assessment of the great whales: case of the New Zealand southern right whale
JA Jackson, EL Carroll, TD Smith, AN Zerbini, NJ Patenaude, CS Baker
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Multi-locus DNA metabarcoding of zooplankton communities and scat reveal trophic interactions of a generalist predator
EL Carroll, R Gallego, MA Sewell, J Zeldis, L Ranjard, HA Ross, ...
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 281, 2019
Future Directions in Eubalaena spp.: Comparative Research to Inform Conservation
R Harcourt, J Van der Hoop, S Kraus, EL Carroll
Frontiers in Marine Science 5, 530, 2019
Future directions in research on beaked whales
SK Hooker, NA De Soto, RW Baird, EL Carroll, D Claridge, L Feyrer, ...
Frontiers in marine Science 5, 514, 2019
Two Intense Decades of 19th Century Whaling Precipitated Rapid Decline of Right Whales around New Zealand and East Australia
EL Carroll, JA Jackson, D Paton, TD Smith
PLoS One 9 (4), e93789, 2014
Decadal shift in foraging strategy of a migratory southern ocean predator
GL van den Berg, E Vermeulen, LO Valenzuela, M Bérubé, A Ganswindt, ...
Global Change Biology 27 (5), 1052-1067, 2021
Incorporating non-equilibrium dynamics into demographic history inferences of a migratory marine species
EL Carroll, R Alderman, JL Bannister, M Bérubé, PB Best, L Boren, ...
Heredity 122 (1), 53-68, 2019
Demography and ecology of southern right whales Eubalaena australis wintering at sub-Antarctic Campbell Island, New Zealand
LG Torres, W Rayment, C Olavarría, DR Thompson, B Graham, CS Baker, ...
Polar Biology 40, 95-106, 2017
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