Alan D. Roberts
Alan D. Roberts
Trudeau Institute / Colorado State University
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Activated antigen-specific CD8+ T cells persist in the lungs following recovery from respiratory virus infections
RJ Hogan, EJ Usherwood, W Zhong, AD Roberts, RW Dutton, ...
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Cytokine secretion by CD4 T lymphocytes acquired in response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.
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The role of interleukin-12 in acquired immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.
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Activation phenotype, rather than central– or effector–memory phenotype, predicts the recall efficacy of memory CD8+ T cells
H Hikono, JE Kohlmeier, S Takamura, ST Wittmer, AD Roberts, ...
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Evaluation of new vaccines in the mouse and guinea pig model of tuberculosis
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Protection from Respiratory Virus Infections Can Be Mediated by Antigen-Specific Cd4+ T Cells That Persist in the Lungs
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Differential contributions of central and effector memory T cells to recall responses
AD Roberts, KH Ely, DL Woodland
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T lymphocytes mediating protection and cellular cytolysis during the course of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. Evidence for different kinetics and recognition of a wide …
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Structural basis of capacity of lipoarabinomannan to induce secretion of tumor necrosis factor
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The chemokine receptor CCR5 plays a key role in the early memory CD8+ T cell response to respiratory virus infections
JE Kohlmeier, SC Miller, J Smith, B Lu, C Gerard, T Cookenham, ...
Immunity 29 (1), 101-113, 2008
ESAT-6-specific CD4 T cell responses to aerosol Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection are initiated in the mediastinal lymph nodes
WW Reiley, MD Calayag, ST Wittmer, JL Huntington, JE Pearl, ...
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Type I interferons regulate cytolytic activity of memory CD8+ T cells in the lung airways during respiratory virus challenge
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Immunity 33 (1), 96-105, 2010
Differential Antigen Presentation Regulates the Changing Patterns of CD8+ T Cell Immunodominance in Primary and Secondary Influenza Virus Infections
SR Crowe, SJ Turner, SC Miller, AD Roberts, RA Rappolo, PC Doherty, ...
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Characteristics of protective immunity engendered by vaccination of mice with purified culture filtrate protein antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
AD Roberts, MG Sonnenberg, DJ Ordway, SK Furney, PJ Brennan, ...
Immunology 85 (3), 502, 1995
Memory T cell populations in the lung airways are maintained by continual recruitment
KH Ely, T Cookenham, AD Roberts, DL Woodland
The Journal of Immunology 176 (1), 537-543, 2006
Molecular Characterization and Human T-Cell Responses to a Member of a Novel Mycobacterium tuberculosis mtb39Gene Family
DC Dillon, MR Alderson, CH Day, DM Lewinsohn, R Coler, T Bement, ...
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Antigen-specific memory regulatory CD4+ Foxp3+ T cells control memory responses to influenza virus infection
EL Brincks, AD Roberts, T Cookenham, S Sell, JE Kohlmeier, ...
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Inflammatory chemokine receptors regulate CD8+ T cell contraction and memory generation following infection
JE Kohlmeier, WW Reiley, G Perona-Wright, ML Freeman, EJ Yager, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 208 (8), 1621-1634, 2011
Cutting edge: effector memory CD8+ T cells play a prominent role in recall responses to secondary viral infection in the lung
AD Roberts, DL Woodland
The Journal of Immunology 172 (11), 6533-6537, 2004
Nonspecific recruitment of memory CD8+ T cells to the lung airways during respiratory virus infections
KH Ely, LS Cauley, AD Roberts, JW Brennan, T Cookenham, ...
The Journal of Immunology 170 (3), 1423-1429, 2003
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