A. Lynn Abbott
A. Lynn Abbott
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech
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Real-time image processing on a custom computing platform
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Surface Reconstruction By Dynamic Integration Of Focus, Camera Vergence, And Stereo.
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Interactive computation of coverage regions for wireless communication in multifloored indoor environments
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Finding lines and building pyramids with Splash 2
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UAV-based stereo vision for rapid aerial terrain mapping
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Machine vision using artificial neural networks with local 3D neighborhoods
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Rule-driven defect detection in CT images of hardwood logs
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Implementation of a 2-D fast Fourier transform on an FPGA-based custom computing machine
N Shirazi, PM Athanas, AL Abbott
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Color face recognition by hypercomplex gabor analysis
C Jones, AL Abbott
7th International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition …, 2006
Optimization of color conversion for face recognition
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Interactive coverage region and system design simulation for wireless communication systems in multifloored indoor environments: SMT Plus
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Automated labeling of log features in CT imagery of multiple hardwood species
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A new face detection technique using 2D DCT and self organizing feature map
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Active surface reconstruction by integrating focus, vergence, stereo, and camera calibration
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Image processing on a custom computing platform
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Category-level articulated object pose estimation
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Latent fingerprint segmentation using ridge template correlation
NJ Short, MS Hsiao, AL Abbott, EA Fox
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Automated analysis of CT images for the inspection of hardwood logs
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A survey of selective fixation control for machine vision
AL Abbott
IEEE Control Systems Magazine 12 (4), 25-31, 1992
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