Ben Stewart-Koster
Ben Stewart-Koster
Research Fellow, Griffith University
Потвърден имейл адрес: griffith.edu.au
The use of Bayesian networks to guide investments in flow and catchment restoration for impaired river ecosystems
B Stewart‐Koster, SE Bunn, SJ Mackay, NL Poff, RJ Naiman, PS Lake
Freshwater Biology 55 (1), 243-260, 2010
The interactive effects of climate change, riparian management, and a nonnative predator on stream‐rearing salmon
DJ Lawrence, B Stewart-Koster, JD Olden, AS Ruesch, CE Torgersen, ...
Ecological Applications 24 (4), 895-912, 2014
Practical science communication strategies for graduate students
LM Kuehne, LA Twardochleb, KJ Fritschie, MC Mims, DJ Lawrence, ...
Conservation Biology 28 (5), 1225-1235, 2014
Mangrove root biomass and the uncertainty of belowground carbon estimations
MF Adame, S Cherian, R Reef, B Stewart-Koster
Forest Ecology and Management 403, 52-60, 2017
Prioritising seascape connectivity in conservation using network analysis
SL Engelhard, CM Huijbers, B Stewart‐Koster, AD Olds, TA Schlacher, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 54 (4), 1130-1141, 2017
Partitioning the variation in stream fish assemblages within a spatio-temporal hierarchy
B Stewart-Koster, MJ Kennard, BD Harch, F Sheldon, AH Arthington, ...
Marine and Freshwater Research 58 (7), 675-686, 2007
Claims that anthropogenic stressors facilitate jellyfish blooms have been amplified beyond the available evidence: a systematic review
KA Pitt, CH Lucas, RH Condon, CM Duarte, B Stewart-Koster
Frontiers in Marine Science 5, 451, 2018
Widespread omnivory and low temporal and spatial variation in the diet of fishes in a hydrologically variable northern Australian river
BJ Pusey, AH Arthington, B Stewart‐Koster, MJ Kennard, MG Read
Journal of Fish Biology 77 (3), 731-753, 2010
Integrating landscape connectivity and habitat suitability to guide offensive and defensive invasive species management
B Stewart‐Koster, JD Olden, PTJ Johnson
Journal of Applied Ecology 52 (2), 366-378, 2015
Quantifying flow–ecology relationships with functional linear models
B Stewart-Koster, JD Olden, KB Gido
Hydrological sciences journal 59 (3-4), 629-644, 2014
Fish response to the temporal hierarchy of the natural flow regime in the Daly River, northern Australia
B Stewart‐Koster, JD Olden, MJ Kennard, BJ Pusey, EL Boone, ...
Journal of Fish Biology 79 (6), 1525-1544, 2011
Tracing the influence of land-use change on water quality and coral reefs using a Bayesian model
CJ Brown, SD Jupiter, S Albert, CJ Klein, S Mangubhai, JM Maina, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 4740, 2017
Biogeographical patterns of endemic diversity and its conservation in Australia's artesian desert springs
RA Rossini, RJ Fensham, B Stewart‐Koster, T Gotch, MJ Kennard
Diversity and Distributions 24 (9), 1199-1216, 2018
Understanding multiple ecological responses to anthropogenic disturbance: rivers and potential flow regime change
C Leigh, B Stewart-Koster, F Sheldon, MA Burford
Ecological Applications 22 (1), 250-263, 2012
Multiple factors determine the effect of anthropogenic barriers to connectivity on riverine fish
RJ Rolls, B Stewart-Koster, T Ellison, S Faggotter, DT Roberts
Biodiversity and conservation 23, 2201-2220, 2014
Incorporating ecological principles into statistical models for the prediction of species’ distribution and abundance
B Stewart‐Koster, EL Boone, MJ Kennard, F Sheldon, SE Bunn, JD Olden
Ecography 36 (3), 342-353, 2013
Vegetation and longitudinal coarse sediment connectivity affect the ability of ecosystem restoration to reduce riverbank erosion and turbidity in drinking water
JM McMahon, JM Olley, AP Brooks, JCR Smart, B Stewart-Koster, ...
Science of the Total Environment 707, 135904, 2020
Concurrent rice‐shrimp‐crab farming systems in the Mekong Delta: Are conditions (sub) optimal for crop production and survival?
C Leigh, LH Hiep, B Stewart‐Koster, DM Vien, J Condon, NV Sang, ...
Aquaculture Research 48 (10), 5251-5262, 2017
Satellite-derived changes in floodplain productivity and freshwater habitats in northern Australia (1991–2019)
CE Ndehedehe, MA Burford, B Stewart-Koster, SE Bunn
Ecological Indicators 114, 106320, 2020
Applications of Bayesian networks as decision support tools for water resource management under climate change and socio-economic stressors: a critical appraisal
TD Phan, JCR Smart, B Stewart-Koster, O Sahin, WL Hadwen, LT Dinh, ...
Water 11 (12), 2642, 2019
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