Morgan Trassin
Morgan Trassin
Professor at Materials Department ETH Zurich
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The evolution of multiferroics
M Fiebig, T Lottermoser, D Meier, M Trassin
Nature Reviews Materials 1 (8), 1-14, 2016
Deterministic switching of ferromagnetism at room temperature using an electric field
JT Heron, JL Bosse, Q He, Y Gao, M Trassin, L Ye, JD Clarkson, C Wang, ...
Nature 516 (7531), 370-373, 2014
Electric-field-induced magnetization reversal in a ferromagnet-multiferroic heterostructure
JT Heron, M Trassin, K Ashraf, M Gajek, Q He, SY Yang, DE Nikonov, ...
Physical review letters 107 (21), 217202, 2011
Microscopic Origin of the Giant Ferroelectric Polarization in Tetragonal-like
JX Zhang, Q He, M Trassin, W Luo, D Yi, MD Rossell, P Yu, L You, ...
Physical review letters 107 (14), 147602, 2011
Ferroelastic domain switching dynamics under electrical and mechanical excitations
P Gao, J Britson, CT Nelson, JR Jokisaari, C Duan, M Trassin, SH Baek, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 3801, 2014
Strain-induced coupling of electrical polarization and structural defects in SrMnO3 films
C Becher, L Maurel, U Aschauer, M Lilienblum, C Magén, D Meier, ...
Nature nanotechnology 10 (8), 661-665, 2015
High-speed domain wall racetracks in a magnetic insulator
S Vélez, J Schaab, MS Wörnle, M Müller, E Gradauskaite, P Welter, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 4750, 2019
Low energy consumption spintronics using multiferroic heterostructures
M Trassin
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 28 (3), 033001, 2015
Probing electric field control of magnetism using ferromagnetic resonance
Z Zhou, M Trassin, Y Gao, Y Gao, D Qiu, K Ashraf, T Nan, X Yang, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 6082, 2015
Microstructure and ferroelectricity of BaTiO3 thin films on Si for integrated photonics
KJ Kormondy, Y Popoff, M Sousa, F Eltes, D Caimi, MD Rossell, M Fiebig, ...
Nanotechnology 28 (7), 075706, 2017
Nanoscale design of polarization in ultrathin ferroelectric heterostructures
G De Luca, N Strkalj, S Manz, C Bouillet, M Fiebig, M Trassin
Nature communications 8 (1), 1419, 2017
Magnetoresistance of heavy and light metal/ferromagnet bilayers
CO Avci, K Garello, J Mendil, A Ghosh, N Blasakis, M Gabureac, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (19), 2015
Epitaxy-distorted spin-orbit Mott insulator in SrIrO thin films
C Rayan Serrao, J Liu, JT Heron, G Singh-Bhalla, A Yadav, SJ Suresha, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 87 (8), 085121, 2013
Probing ferroelectric domain engineering in BiFeO3 thin films by second harmonic generation
M Trassin, G De Luca, S Manz, M Fiebig
Advanced Materials 27 (33), 4871-4876, 2015
Interfacial coupling in multiferroic/ferromagnet heterostructures
M Trassin, JD Clarkson, SR Bowden, J Liu, JT Heron, RJ Paull, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 87 (13), 134426, 2013
Electronic Properties of Isosymmetric Phase Boundaries in Highly Strained Ca‐Doped BiFeO 3
J Seidel, M Trassin, Y Zhang, P Maksymovych, T Uhlig, P Milde, D Köhler, ...
Wiley Periodicals, Inc., 2014
Domain wall architecture in tetragonal ferroelectric thin films
G De Luca, MD Rossell, J Schaab, N Viart, M Fiebig, M Trassin
arXiv preprint arXiv:1702.06743, 2017
Room temperature ferrimagnetic thin films of the magnetoelectric Ga 2− x Fe x O 3 Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available: EDX spectrum and Monte Carlo simulation. See
M Trassin, N Viart, G Versini, S Barre, G Pourroy, J Lee, W Jo, K Dumesnil, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (46), 8876-8880, 2009
Monolayer and multilayer assemblies of spherically and cubic-shaped iron oxide nanoparticles
M Pauly, BP Pichon, PA Albouy, S Fleutot, C Leuvrey, M Trassin, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (40), 16018-16027, 2011
Accelerated ionic motion in amorphous memristor oxides for nonvolatile memories and neuromorphic computing
R Schmitt, M Kubicek, E Sediva, M Trassin, MC Weber, A Rossi, H Hutter, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (5), 1804782, 2019
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