Violeta Velikova
Violeta Velikova
Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia
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Oxidative stress and some antioxidant systems in acid rain-treated bean plants: Protective role of exogenous polyamines
V Velikova, I Yordanov, A Edreva
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Plant responses to drought, acclimation, and stress tolerance
I Yordanov, V Velikova, T Tsonev
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Isoprene produced by leaves protects the photosynthetic apparatus against ozone damage, quenches ozone products, and reduces lipid peroxidation of cellular membranes
F Loreto, V Velikova
Plant Physiology 127 (4), 1781-1787, 2001
Stress-protective role of secondary metabolites: Diversity of functions and mechanisms
A Edreva, V Velikova, T Tsonev, S Dagnon, A Gürel, L Aktaş, E Gesheva
General and Applied Plant Physiology 34 (1-2), 67-78, 2008
Isoprene synthesis protects transgenic tobacco plants from oxidative stress
CE Vickers, M Possell, CI Cojocariu, VB Velikova, J Laothawornkitkul, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 32 (5), 520-531, 2009
On the relationship between isoprene emission and thermotolerance in Phragmites australis leaves exposed to high temperatures and during the recovery from a …
V Velikova, F Loreto
Plant, Cell & Environment 28 (3), 318-327, 2005
Increased thermostability of thylakoid membranes in isoprene-emitting leaves probed with three biophysical techniques
V Velikova, Z Várkonyi, M Szabó, L Maslenkova, I Nogues, L Kovács, ...
Plant Physiology 157 (2), 905-916, 2011
Isoprene decreases the concentration of nitric oxide in leaves exposed to elevated ozone
V Velikova, P Pinelli, S Pasqualini, L Reale, F Ferranti, F Loreto
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Phenylamides in plants
AM Edreva, VB Velikova, TD Tsonev
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Endogenous isoprene protects Phragmites australis leaves against singlet oxygen
V Velikova, A Edreva, F Loreto
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Isoprenoids and phenylpropanoids are part of the antioxidant defense orchestrated daily by drought‐stressed Platanus × acerifolia plants during Mediterranean …
M Tattini, F Loreto, A Fini, L Guidi, C Brunetti, V Velikova, A Gori, F Ferrini
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Respiration in the light measured by 12CO 2 emission in 13CO 2 atmosphere in maize leaves
F Loreto, V Velikova, G Di Marco
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Stabilization of thylakoid membranes in isoprene-emitting plants reduces formation of reactive oxygen species
V Velikova, TD Sharkey, F Loreto
Plant Signaling & Behavior 7 (1), 2012
Photosynthetic limitations and volatile and non‐volatile isoprenoids in the poikilochlorophyllous resurrection plant Xerophyta humilis during dehydration and …
M Beckett, F Loreto, V Velikova, C Brunetti, M Di Ferdinando, M Tattini, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 35 (12), 2061-2074, 2012
Influence of succinate on zinc toxicity of pea plants
S Doncheva, Z Stoynova, V Velikova
Journal of plant nutrition 24 (6), 789-804, 2001
Changes in photosynthesis, mesophyll conductance to CO2, and isoprenoid emissions in Populus nigra plants exposed to excess nickel
V Velikova, T Tsonev, F Loreto, M Centritto
Environmental Pollution, 2010
Localized ozone fumigation system for studying ozone effects on photosynthesis, respiration, electron transport rate and isoprene emission in field-grown Mediterranean oak species
V Velikova, T Tsonev, P Pinelli, GA Alessio, F Loreto
Tree physiology 25 (12), 1523-1532, 2005
The effect of light quality on growth, photosynthesis, leaf anatomy and volatile isoprenoids of a monoterpene-emitting herbaceous species (Solanum lycopersicum L.) and an …
C Arena, T Tsonev, D Doneva, V De Micco, M Michelozzi, C Brunetti, ...
Environmental and Experimental Botany 130, 122-132, 2016
Isoprene and nitric oxide reduce damages in leaves exposed to oxidative stress
Plant, cell & environment 31 (12), 1882-1894, 2008
Interactive effect of water deficit and high temperature on photosynthesis of sunflower and maize plants. 1. Changes in parameters of chlorophyll fluorescence induction …
I Yordanov, T Tsonev, V Goltsev, L Kruleva, V Velikova
Photosynthetica 33 (3), 391-402, 1997
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