Dawood Hattas
Dawood Hattas
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cape Town
Потвърден имейл адрес: uct.ac.za
Differential effects of defoliation by mopane caterpillars and pruning by African elephants on the regrowth of Colophospermum mopane foliage
H Hrabar, D Hattas, JT Du Toit
Journal of Tropical Ecology 25 (3), 301-309, 2009
Differential phenolic profiles in six African savanna woody species in relation to antiherbivore defense
D Hattas, J Hjältén, R Julkunen-Tiitto, PF Scogings, T Rooke
Phytochemistry 72 (14-15), 1796-1803, 2011
The quantification of condensed tannins in African savanna tree species
D Hattas, R Julkunen-Tiitto
Phytochemistry Letters 5 (2), 329-334, 2012
Nutrient and secondary metabolite concentrations in a savanna are independently affected by large herbivores and shoot growth rate
PF Scogings, J Hjältén, C Skarpe, D Hattas, A Zobolo, L Dziba, T Rooke
Plant Ecology 215, 73-82, 2014
Seasonal variations in nutrients and secondary metabolites in semi-arid savannas depend on year and species
PF Scogings, D Hattas, C Skarpe, J Hjältén, L Dziba, A Zobolo, T Rooke
Journal of Arid Environments 114, 54-61, 2015
Coexistence of a C4 grass and a leaf succulent shrub in an arid ecosystem. The relationship between rooting depth, water and nitrogen
EC February, N Allsopp, T Shabane, D Hattas
Plant and Soil 349, 253-260, 2011
Does the Growth Differentiation Balance Hypothesis Explain Allocation to Secondary Metabolites in Combretum apiculatum , an African Savanna Woody Species …
D Hattas, PF Scogings, R Julkunen-Tiitto
Journal of Chemical Ecology 43, 153-163, 2017
A thorny issue: Woody plant defence and growth in an East African savanna
BJ Wigley, C Coetsee, DJ Augustine, J Ratnam, D Hattas, M Sankaran
Journal of Ecology 107 (4), 1839-1851, 2019
Phytochemical changes in leaves of subtropical grasses and fynbos shrubs at elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations
D Hattas, WD Stock, WT Mabusela, IR Green
Global and Planetary Change 47 (2-4), 181-192, 2005
Intraspecific host preferences of mopane moths (Imbrasia belina) in mopane (Colophospermum mopane) woodland
H Hrabar, D Hattas, JT Du Toit
African Zoology 44 (2), 131-140, 2009
Flower colour divergence is associated with post-fire regeneration dimorphism in the fynbos heath Erica coccinea subsp. coccinea (Ericaceae)
F Ojeda, J Midgley, A Pauw, A Lavola, R Casimiro-Soriguer, D Hattas, ...
Evolutionary Ecology 33, 345-367, 2019
Effect of organic cultivation of rooibos tea plants (Aspalathus linearis) on soil nutrient status in Nieuwoudtville, South Africa
SBM Chimphango, D Hattas, N Oettlé
South African Journal of Plant and Soil 33 (1), 13-21, 2016
Native legume species as potential fodder crops in the mediterranean renosterveld shrubland, South Africa
SBM Chimphango, LH Gallant, ZC Poulsen, MI Samuels, D Hattas, ...
Journal of arid environments 173, 104015, 2020
Growth and functional traits of Julbernardia globiflora (Benth) resprouts and seedlings in response to fire frequency and herbivory in miombo woodlands
GB Chinder, D Hattas, TJ Massad
South African journal of botany 135, 476-483, 2020
The impacts of season and livestock management strategy on the quality of diets selected by goats and sheep in the semi-arid rangelands of Namaqualand, South Africa
FL Müller, M Igshaan Samuels, CF Cupido, MBV Swarts, NM Amary, ...
African journal of range & forage science 36 (2), 105-114, 2019
Seasonal regulation of condensed tannin consumption by free-ranging goats in a semi-arid savanna
NR Mkhize, IMA Heitkӧnig, PF Scogings, D Hattas, LE Dziba, HHT Prins, ...
PLoS One 13 (1), e0189626, 2018
Supplemental nutrients increase the consumption of chemically defended shrubs by free-ranging herbivores
NR Mkhize, IMA Heitkönig, PF Scogings, D Hattas, LE Dziba, HHT Prins, ...
Agriculture, ecosystems & environment 235, 119-126, 2016
Spinescence and total phenolic content do not influence diet preference of a critically endangered megaherbivore, but the mix of compounds does
PF Scogings, S Demmer, D Hattas
Journal of Chemical Ecology 47, 322-333, 2021
Feeding choices and impacts of extralimital giraffe on two keystone tree species in the Kgalagadi National Park
S Viljoen, E Shadwell, D Hattas, E February
Koedoe: African Protected Area Conservation and Science 59 (1), 1-10, 2017
Comparison of the chemical composition of the diet of three free-ranging black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) populations with zoo diets
SF Helary, N Owen-Smith, JA Shaw, D Brown, D Hattas
Zoo animal nutrition 4, 203-208, 2009
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