Dolores Gutierrez-Alanis
Dolores Gutierrez-Alanis
Postdoctoral research associated, Texas Tech University.
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Malate-dependent Fe accumulation is a critical checkpoint in the root developmental response to low phosphate
J Mora-Macías, JO Ojeda-Rivera, D Gutiérrez-Alanís, L Yong-Villalobos, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (17), E3563-E3572, 2017
Methylome analysis reveals an important role for epigenetic changes in the regulation of the Arabidopsis response to phosphate starvation
L Yong-Villalobos, SI González-Morales, K Wrobel, D Gutiérrez-Alanis, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (52), E7293-E7302, 2015
Phosphate starvation-dependent iron mobilization induces CLE14 expression to trigger root meristem differentiation through CLV2/PEPR2 signaling
D Gutiérrez-Alanís, L Yong-Villalobos, P Jiménez-Sandoval, ...
Developmental cell 41 (5), 555-570. e3, 2017
Global expression pattern comparison between low phosphorus insensitive 4 and WT Arabidopsis reveals an important role of reactive oxygen species and …
A Chacón-López, E Ibarra-Laclette, L Sánchez-Calderón, ...
Plant signaling & behavior 6 (3), 382-392, 2011
Adaptation to phosphate scarcity: tips from Arabidopsis roots
D Gutiérrez-Alanís, JO Ojeda-Rivera, L Yong-Villalobos, ...
Trends in plant science 23 (8), 721-730, 2018
An improved, low-cost, hydroponic system for growing Arabidopsis and other plant species under aseptic conditions
F Alatorre-Cobos, C Calderón-Vázquez, E Ibarra-Laclette, ...
BMC plant biology 14 (1), 1-13, 2014
APSR1, a novel gene required for meristem maintenance, is negatively regulated by low phosphate availability
V González-Mendoza, A Zurita-Silva, L Sánchez-Calderón, ...
Plant Science 205, 2-12, 2013
Phosphate starvation induces DNA methylation in the vicinity of cis-acting elements known to regulate the expression of phosphate–responsive genes
L Yong-Villalobos, SA Cervantes-Pérez, D Gutiérrez-Alanis, ...
Plant signaling & behavior 11 (5), e1173300, 2016
At-hook motif nuclear localised protein 18 as a novel modulator of root system architecture
M Širl, T Šnajdrová, D Gutiérrez-Alanís, JG Dubrovsky, JP Vielle-Calzada, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 21 (5), 1886, 2020
Tromboflebitis de la vena dorsal superficial del pene. Un caso nuevo en México
EA Aboytes-Velázquez, D Gutiérrez-Alanís, GE Aguilera-Collazo, ...
Bol Col Mex Urol 32 (1), 2017
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