Jon C. Day
Jon C. Day
PSM; Previously GBRMPA, now College of Science & Engineering, James Cook University
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Dangerous targets? Unresolved issues and ideological clashes around marine protected areas
T Agardy, P Bridgewater, MP Crosby, J Day, PK Dayton, R Kenchington, ...
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L Fernandes, JON Day, A Lewis, S Slegers, B Kerrigan, DAN Breen, ...
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et al. Crowder L, Osherenko G, Young O, Airame S, Norse E, Baron N, Day JC
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J Day, N Dudley, M Hockings, G Holmes, DA Laffoley, S Stolton, SM Wells
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JC Day
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OR Young, G Osherenko, J Ekstrom, LB Crowder, J Ogden, JA Wilson, ...
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J Day
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DR Bellwood, MS Pratchett, TH Morrison, GG Gurney, TP Hughes, ...
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LJ McCook, GR Almany, ML Berumen, JC Day, AL Green, GP Jones, ...
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K Grorud-Colvert, J Sullivan-Stack, C Roberts, V Constant, ...
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P Christie, NJ Bennett, NJ Gray, TA Wilhelm, N Lewis, J Parks, NC Ban, ...
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RA Kenchington, JC Day
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JC Day, JC Roff
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SF Heron, CM Eakin, F Douvere, KL Anderson, JC Day, E Geiger, ...
The plan of the day: managing the dynamic transition from regional conservation designs to local conservation actions
RL Pressey, M Mills, R Weeks, JC Day
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The representative areas program for protecting biodiversity in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area
J Day, L Fernandes, A Lewis, G De'Ath, S Slegers, B Barnett, B Kerrigan, ...
Proceedings of the Ninth International Coral Reef Symposium, Bali, 23-27 …, 2002
Marine protected area networks: assessing whether the whole is greater than the sum of its parts
K Grorud-Colvert, J Claudet, BN Tissot, JE Caselle, MH Carr, JC Day, ...
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Lessons for marine conservation planning: a comparison of three marine protected area planning processes
M Osmond, S Airame, M Caldwell, J Day
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An appeal for a code of conduct for marine conservation
NJ Bennett, L Teh, Y Ota, P Christie, A Ayers, JC Day, P Franks, D Gill, ...
Marine Policy 81, 411-418, 2017
Effective governance of a large and complex cross-jurisdictional marine protected area: Australia's Great Barrier Reef
JC Day, K Dobbs
Marine Policy 41, 14-24, 2013
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