Paul Myrow
Paul Myrow
Professor of Geology, Colorado College
Потвърден имейл адрес: coloradocollege.edu
Tempestite deposition
PM Myrow, JB Southard
Journal of Sedimentary Research 66 (5), 875-887, 1996
A candidate stratotype for the Precambrian–Cambrian boundary, Fortune head, Burin Peninsula, southeastern Newfoundland
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Geochronological constraints on terminal Neoproterozoic events and the rise of Metazoan
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Extraordinary transport and mixing of sediment across Himalayan central Gondwana during the Cambrian–Ordovician
PM Myrow, NC Hughes, JW Goodge, CM Fanning, IS Williams, S Peng, ...
Bulletin 122 (9-10), 1660-1670, 2010
Integrated tectonostratigraphic analysis of the Himalaya and implications for its tectonic reconstruction
PM Myrow, NC Hughes, TS Paulsen, IS Williams, SK Parcha, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 212 (3-4), 433-441, 2003
Dodging snowballs: Geochronology of the Gaskiers glaciation and the first appearance of the Ediacaran biota
JP Pu, SA Bowring, J Ramezani, P Myrow, TD Raub, E Landing, A Mills, ...
Geology 44 (11), 955-958, 2016
Thalassinoides and the enigma of Early Paleozoic open-framework burrow systems
PM Myrow
Palaios, 58-74, 1995
Provenance of Neoproterozoic and lower Paleozoic siliciclastic rocks of the central Ross orogen, Antarctica: Detrital record of rift-, passive-, and active-margin sedimentation
JW Goodge, IS Williams, P Myrow
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Wave-modified turbidites: combined-flow shoreline and shelf deposits, Cambrian, Antarctica
PM Myrow, W Fischer, JW Goodge
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Correlation of Precambrian–Cambrian sedimentary successions across northern India and the utility of isotopic signatures of Himalayan lithotectonic zones
NR McKenzie, NC Hughes, PM Myrow, S Xiao, M Sharma
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 312 (3-4), 471-483, 2011
A positive test of East Antarctica–Laurentia juxtaposition within the Rodinia supercontinent
JW Goodge, JD Vervoort, CM Fanning, DM Brecke, GL Farmer, ...
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Burrowing below the basal Cambrian GSSP, fortune head, Newfoundland
JG Gehling, S Jensen, ML Droser, PM Myrow, GM Narbonne
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Combined-flow model for vertical stratification sequences in shallow marine storm-deposited beds
PM Myrow, JB Southard
Journal of Sedimentary Research 61 (2), 202-210, 1991
The Placentian Series: appearance of the oldest skeletalized faunas in southeastern Newfoundland
E Landing, P Myrow, AP Benus, GM Narbonne
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Stratigraphic correlation of Cambrian–Ordovician deposits along the Himalaya: Implications for the age and nature of rocks in the Mount Everest region
PM Myrow, NC Hughes, MP Searle, CM Fanning, SC Peng, SK Parcha
Geological Society of America Bulletin 121 (3-4), 323-332, 2009
Pot and gutter casts from the Chapel Island Formation, southeast Newfoundland
PM Myrow
Journal of Sedimentary Research 62 (6), 992-1007, 1992
Sedimentological context of a deep-water Ediacaran fauna (Mistaken Point, Avalon Zone, eastern Newfoundland)
AP Benus, E Landing, GM Narbonne, P Myrow
Trace fossils, small shelly fossils and the Precambrian–Cambrian boundary …, 1988
Age and provenance of the Beardmore Group, Antarctica: constraints on Rodinia supercontinent breakup
JW Goodge, P Myrow, IS Williams, SA Bowring
The Journal of geology 110 (4), 393-406, 2002
Flat‐pebble conglomerate: its multiple origins and relationship to metre‐scale depositional cycles
PM Myrow, L Tice, B Archuleta, B Clark, JF Taylor, RL Ripperdan
Sedimentology 51 (5), 973-996, 2004
Trilobites and zircons link north China with the eastern Himalaya during the Cambrian
NR McKenzie, NC Hughes, PM Myrow, DK Choi, T Park
Geology 39 (6), 591-594, 2011
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