Elia Tait Wojno
Elia Tait Wojno
Assistant Professor, University of Washington
Потвърден имейл адрес: uw.edu
Generalized Lévy walks and the role of chemokines in migration of effector CD8+ T cells
TH Harris, EJ Banigan, DA Christian, C Konradt, EDT Wojno, K Norose, ...
Nature 486 (7404), 545-548, 2012
The cytokines interleukin 27 and interferon-γ promote distinct Treg cell populations required to limit infection-induced pathology
AOH Hall, DP Beiting, C Tato, B John, G Oldenhove, CG Lombana, ...
Immunity 37 (3), 511-523, 2012
Thymic stromal lymphopoietin–elicited basophil responses promote eosinophilic esophagitis
M Noti, EDT Wojno, BS Kim, MC Siracusa, PR Giacomin, MG Nair, ...
Nature medicine 19 (8), 1005-1013, 2013
Basophils promote innate lymphoid cell responses in inflamed skin
BS Kim, K Wang, MC Siracusa, SA Saenz, JR Brestoff, LA Monticelli, ...
The Journal of Immunology 193 (7), 3717-3725, 2014
Toxoplasma polymorphic effectors determine macrophage polarization and intestinal inflammation
KDC Jensen, Y Wang, EDT Wojno, AJ Shastri, K Hu, L Cornel, E Boedec, ...
Cell host & microbe 9 (6), 472-483, 2011
The prostaglandin D2 receptor CRTH2 regulates accumulation of group 2 innate lymphoid cells in the inflamed lung
DA Tait Wojno, E.D., L.A. Monticelli, S.V. Oberdorf, T. Alenghat, L.C ...
Mucosal Immunology 8 (6), 1313-1323, 2015
Arginase 1 is an innate lymphoid-cell-intrinsic metabolic checkpoint controlling type 2 inflammation
LA Monticelli, MD Buck, AL Flamar, SA Saenz, EDT Wojno, NA Yudanin, ...
Nature immunology 17 (6), 656-665, 2016
A role for IL-27p28 as an antagonist of gp130-mediated signaling
JS Stumhofer, ED Tait, WJ Quinn III, N Hosken, B Spudy, R Goenka, ...
Nature immunology 11 (12), 1119-1126, 2010
Behavior of parasite-specific effector CD8+ T cells in the brain and visualization of a kinesis-associated system of reticular fibers
EH Wilson, TH Harris, P Mrass, B John, ED Tait, GF Wu, M Pepper, ...
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Innate lymphoid cells: balancing immunity, inflammation, and tissue repair in the intestine
EDT Wojno, D Artis
Cell host & microbe 12 (4), 445-457, 2012
The immunobiology of the interleukin-12 family: room for discovery
EDT Wojno, CA Hunter, JS Stumhofer
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Dynamic Imaging of CD8+ T Cells and Dendritic Cells during Infection with Toxoplasma gondii
B John, TH Harris, ED Tait, EH Wilson, B Gregg, LG Ng, P Mrass, ...
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New directions in the basic and translational biology of interleukin-27
EDT Wojno, CA Hunter
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Plasmacytoid dendritic cells are activated by Toxoplasma gondii to present antigen and produce cytokines
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A role for IL-27 in limiting T regulatory cell populations
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The Journal of Immunology 187 (1), 266-273, 2011
Emerging concepts and future challenges in innate lymphoid cell biology
ED Tait Wojno, D Artis
Journal of Experimental Medicine 213 (11), 2229-2248, 2016
Innate lymphoid cells and allergic inflammation
BS Kim, EDT Wojno, D Artis
Current opinion in immunology 25 (6), 738-744, 2013
Spatial and temporal mapping of human innate lymphoid cells reveals elements of tissue specificity
NA Yudanin, F Schmitz, AL Flamar, JJC Thome, ET Wojno, JB Moeller, ...
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Thymic stromal lymphopoietin-mediated extramedullary hematopoiesis promotes allergic inflammation
MC Siracusa, SA Saenz, EDT Wojno, BS Kim, LC Osborne, CG Ziegler, ...
Immunity 39 (6), 1158-1170, 2013
Replication and distribution of Toxoplasma gondii in the small intestine after oral infection with tissue cysts
B Gregg, BC Taylor, B John, ED Tait-Wojno, NM Girgis, N Miller, ...
Infection and immunity 81 (5), 1635-1643, 2013
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