Anthony Bertucci
Anthony Bertucci
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Carbonic anhydrase in the scleractinian coral Stylophora pistillata: characterization, localization, and role in biomineralization
A Moya, S Tambutté, A Bertucci, E Tambutté, S Lotto, D Vullo, CT Supuran, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (37), 25475-25484, 2008
Carbonic anhydrases in anthozoan corals—A review
A Bertucci, A Moya, S Tambutté, D Allemand, CT Supuran, D Zoccola
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 21 (6), 1437-1450, 2013
Bicarbonate transporters in corals point towards a key step in the evolution of cnidarian calcification
D Zoccola, P Ganot, A Bertucci, N Caminiti-Segonds, N Techer, ...
Scientific Reports 5, 9983, 2015
A new coral carbonic anhydrase in Stylophora pistillata
A Bertucci, S Tambutté, CT Supuran, D Allemand, D Zoccola
Marine Biotechnology 13 (5), 992-1002, 2011
Symbiosis-dependent gene expression in coral–dinoflagellate association: cloning and characterization of a P-type H+-ATPase gene
A Bertucci, É Tambutté, S Tambutté, D Allemand, D Zoccola
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 277 (1678), 87-95, 2010
Transcriptomic differences between day and night in Acropora millepora provide new insights into metabolite exchange and light‐enhanced calcification in corals
A Bertucci, S Foret, EE Ball, DJ Miller
Molecular Ecology 24 (17), 4489-4504, 2015
Transcriptome Analysis of the Scleractinian Coral Stylophora pistillata
S Karako-Lampert, D Zoccola, M Salmon-Divon, M Katzenellenbogen, ...
PLoSONE 9 (2), e88615, 2014
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Inhibition studies of a coral secretory isoform by sulfonamides
A Bertucci, A Innocenti, D Zoccola, A Scozzafava, S Tambutté, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 17 (14), 5054-5058, 2009
Coral carbonic anhydrases: regulation by ocean acidification
D Zoccola, A Innocenti, A Bertucci, E Tambutté, CT Supuran, S Tambutté
Marine Drugs 14 (6), 109, 2016
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors: Inhibition studies of a coral secretory isoform with inorganic anions
A Bertucci, A Innocenti, D Zoccola, A Scozzafava, D Allemand, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 19 (3), 650-653, 2009
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Inhibition studies with anions and sulfonamides of a new cytosolic enzyme from the scleractinian coral Stylophora pistillata
A Bertucci, A Innocenti, A Scozzafava, S Tambutté, D Zoccola, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 21 (2), 710-714, 2011
Carbonic anhydrase activators. The first activation study of a coral secretory isoform with amino acids and amines
A Bertucci, D Zoccola, S Tambutté, D Vullo, CT Supuran
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 18 (6), 2300-2303, 2010
Transcriptomic responses of the endangered freshwater mussel Margaritifera margaritifera to trace metal contamination in the Dronne River, France
A Bertucci, F Pierron, J Thébault, C Klopp, J Bellec, P Gonzalez, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24, 27145-27159, 2017
Whole-transcriptome response to wastewater treatment plant and stormwater effluents in the Asian clam, Corbicula fluminea
A Bertucci, F Pierron, PY Gourves, C Klopp, G Lagarde, C Pereto, ...
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 165, 96-106, 2018
Transcriptomic response of the benthic freshwater diatom Nitzschia palea exposed to Few Layer Graphene
M Garacci, M Barret, C Folgoas, E Flahaut, G Chimowa, A Bertucci, ...
Environmental Science: Nano, 2019
Identification and expression of microRNAs in european eels Anguilla anguilla from two natural sites with different pollution levels
A Bertucci, F Pierron, T Ye, P Gonzalez, P Couture, M Baudrimont
Environmental Pollution 250, 274-283, 2019
Transcriptome-wide analysis of wild Asari (= Manila) clams affected by the Brown Muscle Disease: Etiology and impacts of the disease
F Pierron, P Gonzalez, A Bertucci, C Binias, E Mérour, M Brémont, ...
Fish & Shellfish Immunology 86, 179-185, 2019
The underestimated toxic effects of nanoplastics coming from marine sources: A demonstration on oysters (Isognomon alatus)
A Arini, J Gigault, Z Venel, A Bertucci, M Baudrimont
Chemosphere 295, 133824, 2022
Transfer and Transcriptomic Profiling in Liver and Brain of European Eels (Anguilla anguilla) After Diet‐borne Exposure to Gold Nanoparticles
F Perrier, A Bertucci, F Pierron, A Feurtet‐Mazel, O Simon, C Klopp, ...
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 39 (12), 2450-2461, 2020
Diagnostiquer et réduire à la source les micropolluants-Retour d'expérience du projet Regard (Bordeaux Métropole)
MJ Capdeville, S Aït-Aïssa, B Barillon, J Barrault, M Baudrimont, ...
Techniques Sciences Méthodes, 2021
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