Domenico Marinucci
Domenico Marinucci
Department of Mathematics, University of Rome Tor Vergata
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Planck 2015 results. I. Overview of products and scientific results
M Adam, R and Ade, PAR and Aghanim, N and Akrami, Y and Alves, MIR and ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1502.01582, 2015
Planck 2013 results. XV. CMB power spectra and likelihood
PAR Ade, N Aghanim, C Armitage-Caplan, M Arnaud, M Ashdown, ...
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Planck 2015 results-XVI. Isotropy and statistics of the CMB
PAR Ade, N Aghanim, Y Akrami, PK Aluri, M Arnaud, M Ashdown, ...
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Planck 2018 results-V. CMB power spectra and likelihoods
N Aghanim, Y Akrami, M Ashdown, J Aumont, C Baccigalupi, M Ballardini, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 641, A5, 2020
Random fields on the sphere: representation, limit theorems and cosmological applications
D Marinucci, G Peccati
Cambridge University Press, 2011
Alternative forms of fractional Brownian motion
D Marinucci, PM Robinson
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 111-122, 1999
A statistical procedure for the identification of positrons in the PAMELA experiment
O Adriani, GC Barbarino, GA Bazilevskaya, R Bellotti, M Boezio, ...
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Integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect from the cross correlation of WMAP 3 year and the NRAO VLA sky survey data: New results and constraints on dark energy
D Pietrobon, A Balbi, D Marinucci
Physical Review D 74 (4), 043524, 2006
Semiparametric fractional cointegration analysis
D Marinucci, PM Robinson
Journal of Econometrics 105 (1), 225-247, 2001
Spherical needlets for cosmic microwave background data analysis
D Marinucci, D Pietrobon, A Balbi, P Baldi, P Cabella, G Kerkyacharian, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 383 (2), 539-545, 2008
Asymmetries in the local curvature of the wilkinson microwave anisotropy probe data
FK Hansen, P Cabella, D Marinucci, N Vittorio
The Astrophysical Journal 607 (2), L67, 2004
Planck early results. III. First assessment of the Low Frequency Instrument in-flight performance
A Mennella, M Bersanelli, RC Butler, A Curto, F Cuttaia, RJ Davis, J Dick, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 536, A3, 2011
Semiparametric frequency domain analysis of fractional cointegration
D Marinucci, PM Robinson
Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines, 1998
Weak convergence of multivariate fractional processes
D Marinucci, PM Robinson
Stochastic Processes and their applications 86 (1), 103-120, 2000
Asymptotics for spherical needlets
P Baldi, G Kerkyacharian, D Marinucci, D Picard
Narrow-band analysis of nonstationary processes
PM Robinson, D Marinucci
Annals of Statistics 29 (4), 947-986, 2001
Planck early results. V. The low frequency instrument data processing
A Zacchei, D Maino, C Baccigalupi, M Bersanelli, A Bonaldi, L Bonavera, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 536, A5, 2011
Non-universality of nodal length distribution for arithmetic random waves
D Marinucci, G Peccati, M Rossi, I Wigman
Geometric and Functional Analysis 26, 926-960, 2016
Needlet detection of features in WMAP CMB sky and the impact on anisotropies and hemispherical asymmetries
D Pietrobon, A Amblard, A Balbi, P Cabella, A Cooray, D Marinucci
arXiv preprint arXiv:0809.0010, 2008
Adaptive density estimation for directional data using needlets
P Baldi, G Kerkyacharian, D Marinucci, D Picard
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