Jonathan Z Sun
Jonathan Z Sun
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
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Spin-current interaction with a monodomain magnetic body: A model study
JZ Sun
Physical Review B 62 (1), 570, 2000
Pairing Symmetry and Flux Quantization in a Tricrystal Superconducting Ring of
CC Tsuei, JR Kirtley, CC Chi, LS Yu-Jahnes, A Gupta, T Shaw, JZ Sun, ...
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Spin torque switching of perpendicular -based magnetic tunnel junctions
DC Worledge, G Hu, DW Abraham, JZ Sun, PL Trouilloud, J Nowak, ...
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Measurement of the spin-transfer-torque vector in magnetic tunnel junctions
JC Sankey, YT Cui, JZ Sun, JC Slonczewski, RA Buhrman, DC Ralph
Nature Physics 4 (1), 67-71, 2008
Large magnetotunneling effect at low magnetic fields in micrometer-scale epitaxial Mn tunnel junctions
Y Lu, XW Li, GQ Gong, G Xiao, A Gupta, P Lecoeur, JZ Sun, YY Wang, ...
Physical Review B 54 (12), R8357, 1996
Current-driven magnetic switching in manganite trilayer junctions
JZ Sun
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 202 (1), 157-162, 1999
Observation of large low‐field magnetoresistance in trilayer perpendicular transport devices made using doped manganate perovskites
JZ Sun, WJ Gallagher, PR Duncombe, L Krusin‐Elbaum, RA Altman, ...
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Symmetry of the order parameter in the high-T c superconductor YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7-δ
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High‐resolution scanning SQUID microscope
JR Kirtley, MB Ketchen, KG Stawiasz, JZ Sun, WJ Gallagher, SH Blanton, ...
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Thickness-dependent magnetotransport in ultrathin manganite films
JZ Sun, DW Abraham, RA Rao, CB Eom
Applied Physics Letters 74 (20), 3017-3019, 1999
Magnetic tunnel junctions with controlled magnetic response
WJ Gallagher, SSP Parkin, JC Slonczewski, JZ Sun
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Spin-polarized transport and magnetoresistance in magnetic oxides
A Gupta, JZ Sun
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Applied Physics Letters 100 (13), 132408, 2012
Direct Imaging of Integer and Half-Integer Josephson Vortices in High- Grain Boundaries
JR Kirtley, CC Tsuei, M Rupp, JZ Sun, LS Yu-Jahnes, A Gupta, ...
Physical review letters 76 (8), 1336, 1996
Current-induced magnetic switching device and memory including the same
JZ Sun
US Patent 6,256,223, 2001
Structure for confining the switching current in phase memory (PCM) cells
GW Burr, CH Lam, S Raoux, SM Rossnagel, AG Schrott, JZ Sun, ...
US Patent 7,488,967, 2009
Enhanced magnetoresistance in sintered granular manganite/insulator systems
DK Petrov, L Krusin-Elbaum, JZ Sun, C Feild, PR Duncombe
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A Gupta, TR McGuire, PR Duncombe, M Rupp, JZ Sun, WJ Gallagher, ...
Applied physics letters 67 (23), 3494-3496, 1995
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