Henrik Friis
Henrik Friis
Lektor emeritus, Geoscience, Aarhus Universitet
Потвърден имейл адрес: geo.au.dk
Development of early diagenetic silica and quartz morphologies—Examples from the Siri Canyon, Danish North Sea
R Weibel, H Friis, AM Kazerouni, JB Svendsen, J Stokkendal, ...
Sedimentary Geology 228 (3-4), 151-170, 2010
The effects of diagenesis on the reservoir characters in sandstones of the Late Cretaceous Pab Formation, Kirthar Fold Belt, southern Pakistan
M Umar, H Friis, AS Khan, AM Kassi, AK Kasi
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 40 (2), 622-635, 2011
Opaque minerals as keys for distinguishing oxidising and reducing diagenetic conditions in the Lower Triassic Bunter Sandstone, North German Basin
R Weibel, H Friis
Sedimentary Geology 169 (3-4), 129-149, 2004
Genesis and depositional model of subaqueous sediment gravity-flow deposits in a lacustrine rift basin as exemplified by the Eocene Shahejie Formation in the Jiyang Depression …
T Yang, Y Cao, K Liu, Y Wang, C Zavala, H Friis, M Song, G Yuan, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 102, 231-257, 2019
Genesis and distribution pattern of carbonate cements in lacustrine deep-water gravity-flow sandstone reservoirs in the third member of the Shahejie Formation in the Dongying …
T Yang, Y Cao, H Friis, K Liu, Y Wang, L Zhou, S Zhang, H Zhang
Marine and Petroleum Geology 92, 547-564, 2018
Geochronology of magmatism and mineralization of the Daheishan giant porphyry molybdenum deposit, Jilin Province, Northeast China: constraints on ore genesis and implications …
LL Zhou, QD Zeng, JM Liu, H Friis, ZL Zhang, XX Duan, TG Lan
International Geology Review 56 (8), 929-953, 2014
Facies discrimination in a mixed fluvio-eolian setting using elemental whole-rock geochemistry—applications for reservoir characterization
J Svendsen, H Friis, H Stollhofen, N Hartley
Journal of Sedimentary Research 77 (1), 23-33, 2007
Weathered heavy-mineral associations from the young-Tertiary deposits of Jutland, Denmark
H Friis
Sedimentary Geology 12 (3), 199-213, 1974
Predictive permeability variations in a Hermod sand reservoir, Stine Segments, Siri Field, Danish North Sea
J Stokkendal, H Friis, JB Svendsen, MLK Poulsen, L Hamberg
Marine and Petroleum Geology 26 (3), 397-415, 2009
Predicting permeability of low-enthalpy geothermal reservoirs: A case study from the Upper Triassic–Lower Jurassic Gassum Formation, Norwegian–Danish Basin
R Weibel, M Olivarius, L Kristensen, H Friis, ML Hjuler, C Kjøller, ...
Geothermics 65, 135-157, 2017
Geochronology of the Xingshan molybdenum deposit, Jilin Province, NE China, and its Hf isotope significance
L Zhou, Q Zeng, J Liu, H Friis, Z Zhang, X Duan
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 75, 58-70, 2013
The Miocene Hagenør-Børup sequence at Lillebælt (Denmark): its biogenic structures and depositional environment
A Radwanski, H Friis, G Larsen
Verlag nicht ermittelbar, 1975
Geochemical evaluation of the late Paleocene and early Eocene shales in Siri Canyon, Danish-Norwegian basin
L Zhou, H Friis, MLK Poulsen
Marine and Petroleum Geology 61, 111-122, 2015
Alteration of opaque heavy minerals as a reflection of the geochemical conditions in depositional and diagenetic environments
R Weibel, H Friis
Developments in sedimentology 58, 277-303, 2007
Analysis of limestone micromechanical properties by optical microscopy
LRD Jensen, H Friis, E Fundal, P Møller, M Jespersen
Engineering Geology 110 (3-4), 43-50, 2010
The influence of climate on early and burial diagenesis of Triassic and Jurassic sandstones from the Norwegian–Danish Basin
R Weibel, M Olivarius, C Kjøller, L Kristensen, ML Hjuler, H Friis, ...
The Depositional Record 3 (1), 60-91, 2017
Depositional environment of the Vejle Fjord Formation of the Upper Oligocene-Lower Miocene of Denmark: a barrier island/barrier-protected depositional complex
H Friis, J Mikkelsen, P Sandersen
Sedimentary Geology 117 (3-4), 221-244, 1998
Provenance of the L ower T riassic B unter S andstone F ormation: implications for distribution and architecture of aeolian vs. fluvial reservoirs in the N orth G erman B asin
M Olivarius, R Weibel, H Friis, LO Boldreel, N Keulen, TB Thomsen
Basin Research 29, 113-130, 2017
Origin and evolution processes of hybrid event beds in the Lower Cretaceous of the Lingshan Island, Eastern China
T Yang, Y Cao, H Friis, K Liu, Y Wang
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 65 (4), 517-534, 2018
Ore genesis and fluid evolution of the Daheishan giant porphyry molybdenum deposit, NE China
L Zhou, Q Zeng, J Liu, H Friis, Z Zhang, X Duan, S Chu
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 97, 486-505, 2015
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