Kenneth M. Halanych
Kenneth M. Halanych
Center for Marine Science, University of North Carolina Wilmington
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The ctenophore genome and the evolutionary origins of neural systems
LL Moroz, KM Kocot, MR Citarella, S Dosung, TP Norekian, ...
Nature 510 (7503), 109-114, 2014
Evidence from 18S Ribosomal DNA that the Lophophorates Are Protostome Animals
KM Halanych, JD Bacheller, AMA Aguinaldo, SM Liva, DM Hillis, JA Lake
Science 267 (5204), 1641-1643, 1995
The new view of animal phylogeny
KM Halanych
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, 229-256, 2004
Phylogenomics reveals deep molluscan relationships
KM Kocot, JT Cannon, C Todt, MR Citarella, AB Kohn, A Meyer, ...
Nature 477 (7365), 452-456, 2011
Annelid phylogeny and the status of Sipuncula and Echiura
TH Struck, N Schult, T Kusen, E Hickman, C Bleidorn, D McHugh, ...
BMC evolutionary biology 7 (1), 1-11, 2007
Illuminating the base of the annelid tree using transcriptomics
A Weigert, C Helm, M Meyer, B Nickel, D Arendt, B Hausdorf, SR Santos, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 31 (6), 1391-1401, 2014
Error, signal, and the placement of Ctenophora sister to all other animals
NV Whelan, KM Kocot, LL Moroz, KM Halanych
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (18), 5773-5778, 2015
Species boundaries and global biogeography of the Alexandrium tamarense complex (Dinophyceae)1
EL Lilly, KM Halanych, DM Anderson
Journal of Phycology 43 (6), 1329-1338, 2007
Open-ocean barriers to dispersal: a test case with the Antarctic Polar Front and the ribbon worm
DJ Thornhill, AR Mahon, JL Norenburg, KM Halanych
Parborlasia corrugatus, 5104–5117, 2008
Phylogeography of the ocean quahog (Arctica islandica): influences of paleoclimate on genetic diversity and species range
TG Dahlgren, JR Weinberg, KM Halanych
Marine Biology 137 (3), 487-495, 2000
Phylogenomics of Lophotrochozoa with consideration of systematic error
KM Kocot, TH Struck, J Merkel, DS Waits, C Todt, PM Brannock, ...
Systematic biology 66 (2), 256-282, 2017
Ctenophore relationships and their placement as the sister group to all other animals
NV Whelan, KM Kocot, TP Moroz, K Mukherjee, P Williams, G Paulay, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 1 (11), 1737-1746, 2017
Evaluating Connectivity in the Brooding Brittle Star Astrotoma agassizii across the Drake Passage in the Southern Ocean
RL Hunter, KM Halanych
Journal of Heredity 99 (2), 137-148, 2008
Dramatic shifts in benthic microbial eukaryote communities following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
HM Bik, KM Halanych, J Sharma, WK Thomas
PloS one 7 (6), e38550, 2012
Lophotrochozoan phylogeny assessed with LSU and SSU data: evidence of lophophorate polyphyly
Y Passamaneck, KM Halanych
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 40 (1), 20-28, 2006
Molecular systematics of vestimentiferan tube worms from hydrothermal vents and cold-water seeps
MB Black, KM Halanych, PAY Maas, WR Hoeh, ...
Mar. Biol 130, 141-149, 1997
Ocean barriers and glaciation: evidence for explosive radiation of mitochondrial lineages in the Antarctic sea slug Doris kerguelenensis (Mollusca, Nudibranchia)
NG Wilson, M Schrödl, KM Halanych
Molecular Ecology 18 (5), 965-984, 2009
The evolution of annelids reveals two adaptive routes to the interstitial realm
TH Struck, A Golombek, A Weigert, FA Franke, W Westheide, G Purschke, ...
Current Biology 25 (15), 1993-1999, 2015
Investigation of molluscan phylogeny using large-subunit and small-subunit nuclear rRNA sequences
YJ Passamaneck, C Schander, KM Halanych
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 32 (1), 25-38, 2004
Miocene radiation of deep-sea hydrothermal vent shrimp (Caridea: Bresiliidae): evidence from mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I
TM Shank, MB Black, KM Halanych, RA Lutz, RC Vrijenhoek
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 13 (2), 244-254, 1999
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