Francisco Dominguez-Serna
Francisco Dominguez-Serna
CONACYT - CICESE - Departamento de óptica
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Fiber-based photon-pair source capable of hybrid entanglement in frequency and transverse mode, controllably scalable to higher dimensions
D Cruz-Delgado, R Ramirez-Alarcon, E Ortiz-Ricardo, J Monroy-Ruz, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 27377, 2016
Photon-pair generation by intermodal spontaneous four-wave mixing in birefringent, weakly guiding optical fibers
K Garay-Palmett, D Cruz-Delgado, F Dominguez-Serna, E Ortiz-Ricardo, ...
Physical Review A 93 (3), 033810, 2016
Fiber-based photon-pair generation: tutorial
K Garay-Palmett, DB Kim, Y Zhang, FA Domínguez-Serna, VO Lorenz, ...
JOSA B 40 (3), 469-490, 2023
Entangled photon-added coherent states
FA Domínguez-Serna, FJ Mendieta-Jimenez, F Rojas
Quantum Information Processing 15, 3121-3136, 2016
An integrated photonic circuit for color qubit preparation by third-order nonlinear interactions
AL Aguayo-Alvarado, F Domínguez-Serna, WDL Cruz, K Garay-Palmett
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 5154, 2022
Third-order parametric down-conversion: A stimulated approach
FA Domínguez-Serna, AB U'Ren, K Garay-Palmett
Physical Review A 101 (3), 033813, 2020
Frequency and polarization emission properties of a photon-pair source based on a photonic crystal fiber
D De la Torre-Robles, F Dominguez-Serna, GL Osorio, AB U’Ren, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 18092, 2021
Quantum teleportation with hybrid entangled resources prepared from heralded quantum states
FA Domínguez-Serna, F Rojas, K Garay-Palmett
JOSA B 37 (3), 695-701, 2020
Relationship between the field local quadrature and the quantum discord of a photon-added correlated channel under the influence of scattering and phase fluctuation noise
FA Domínguez-Serna, FJ Mendieta-Jimenez, F Rojas
Quantum Information Processing 16, 1-32, 2017
Spin–orbit hybrid entangled channel for spin state quantum teleportation using genetic algorithms
F Domínguez-Serna, F Rojas
Quantum Information Processing 18, 1-18, 2019
A programmable single-qubit quantum gate
AL Aguayo-Alvarado, FA Domínguez-Serna, W De La Cruz, ...
CLEO: Fundamental Science, JTh2A. 28, 2023
Topological phases and entanglement in real space for 1D SSH topological insulator: effects of first and second neighbor-hoppings
LA Navarro-Labastida, FA Dominguez-Serna, R F.
Revista Mexicana de Física 68 (3), 031404, 2022
Quantum state preparation and one qubit logic from third-order nonlinear interactions
F Dominguez-Serna, K Garay-Palmett
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 38 (8), 2277-2283, 2021
Geometrical phases and entanglement in real space for 1d ssh topological insulator: effects of first and second neighbor-hoppings and intra-cell modulation
LA Navarro-Labastida, FA Domínguez-Serna, F Rojas
arXiv preprint arXiv:2106.02756, 2021
A Proposal for nonlinear-optics based quantum gates in integrated photonic circuits
AL Aguayo-Alvarado, A Acevedo-Carrera, FA Dominguez-Serna, ...
Frontiers in Optics, FM4A. 8, 2020
Heralded Photons for Quantum Teleportation
F Dominguez-Serna, K Garay-Palmett, F Rojas
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, 19, 2017
Exploitation of transverse spatial modes in spontaneous four wave mixing photon-pair sources
H Cruz-Ramirez, R Ramirez-Alarcon, D Cruz-Delgado, J Monroy-Ruz, ...
Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging XIV 9980, 71-88, 2016
Quantum control using genetic algorithms in quantum communication: superdense coding
F Domínguez-Serna, F Rojas
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 624 (1), 012009, 2015
Resonance vs. non-resonance parametric amplification for squeezed light generation in microstructured fibers
JA Montoya-Cardona, FD Domínguez-Serna, NC Rodríguez, ...
Quantum Sensing, Imaging, and Precision Metrology II 12912, 66-83, 2024
A CNOT Proposal for Temporal-Mode Qubits Based on the Difference Frequency Generation Process
FA Domínguez-Serna
Laser Science, JTu5A. 53, 2023
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