Michael J. Nelson
Michael J. Nelson
Pennsylvania State University, Department of Political Science
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Is the US Supreme Court's legitimacy grounded in performance satisfaction and ideology?
JL Gibson, MJ Nelson
American Journal of Political Science 59 (1), 162-174, 2015
The legitimacy of the US Supreme Court: Conventional wisdoms and recent challenges thereto
JL Gibson, MJ Nelson
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A Driscoll, MJ Nelson
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JL Gibson, MJ Nelson
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Change in Institutional Support for the US Supreme Court: Is the Court’s Legitimacy Imperiled by the Decisions It Makes?
JL Gibson, MJ Nelson
Public Opinion Quarterly 80 (3), 622-641, 2016
Black and Blue: How and why African Americans judge the American legal system
JL Gibson, MJ Nelson
Oxford University Press, USA, 2018
Racial and Gender Diversity on State Courts-An AJS Study
M Reddick, MJ Nelson, RP Caufield
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How does hyperpoliticized rhetoric affect the US Supreme Court’s legitimacy?
MJ Nelson, JL Gibson
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Responsive justice?: Retention elections, prosecutors, and public opinion
MJ Nelson
Journal of Law and Courts 2 (1), 117-152, 2014
Judicial selection and the democratization of justice: Lessons from the Bolivian judicial elections
A Driscoll, MJ Nelson
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Oh, mi: A note on empirical examinations of judicial elections
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Uncontested and unaccountable-rates of contestation in trial court elections
MJ Nelson
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CL Boyd, MJ Nelson
Vand. L. Rev. 70, 1819, 2017
The Transmission of Legal Precedent among State Supreme Courts in the Twenty-First Century
RK Hinkle, MJ Nelson
State Politics & Policy Quarterly 16 (4), 391-410, 2016
New evidence for a positive relationship between de facto judicial independence and state respect for empowerment rights
C Crabtree, MJ Nelson
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Opportunity and Overrides: The Effect of Institutional Public Support on Congressional Overrides of Supreme Court Decisions
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The Dynamics of US Supreme Court Legitimacy
MJ Nelson, P Tucker
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MJ Nelson, JL Gibson
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Human capital in court: The role of attorney experience in US Supreme Court litigation
MJ Nelson, L Epstein
Journal of Law and Courts 10 (1), 61-85, 2022
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