Vasantha Basavalingappa
Vasantha Basavalingappa
Dept. of molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Tel Aviv University
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1-Propanephosphonic acid cyclic anhydride (T3P) as an efficient promoter for the Lossen rearrangement: Application to the synthesis of urea and carbamate derivatives
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Diphenylalanine-derivative peptide assemblies with increased aromaticity exhibit metal-like rigidity and high piezoelectricity
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Expanding the functional scope of the fmoc‐diphenylalanine hydrogelator by introducing a rigidifying and chemically active urea backbone modification
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A Facile One-pot Synthesis of N α-Urethane Protected 3-Amino Alkyl Isoxazole-5-Carboxylic Acids and their Utility for the Preparation of Isoxazole …
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Facile one step synthesis of acyl azides and Nα –Fmoc/Boc/Z protected amino acid azides employing benzotriazole-1-yl-oxy-tris-(dimethylamino)-phosphonium …
B Vasantha, VV Sureshbabu
CSIR, 2010
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B Vasantha, G George, S Raghothama, P Balaram
Peptide Science 108 (1), e22935, 2017
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