Peter Swart
Peter Swart
Professor of Marine Geosciences
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Natal homing in a marine fish metapopulation
SR Thorrold, C Latkoczy, PK Swart, CM Jones
Science 291 (5502), 297-299, 2001
The Geochemistry of Carbonate Diagenesis: Past, Present, and Future
PK Swart
Sedimentology 62 (5), 1233-1304, 2015
Factors determining δ13C and δ18O fractionation in aragonitic otoliths of marine fish
SR Thorrold, SE Campana, CM Jones, PK Swart
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 61 (14), 2909-2919, 1997
Fractionation of the stable isotopes of oxygen and carbon in carbon dioxide during the reaction of calcite with phosphoric acid as a function of temperature and technique
PK Swart, S Burns, S Leder
Chemical Geology 86, 89-96, 1991
Carbon and oxygen isotope fractionation in scleractinian corals: a review
PK Swart
Earth-science reviews 19 (1), 51-80, 1983
The nature of the δ13C of periplatform sediments: Implications for stratigraphy and the global carbon cycle
PK Swart, G Eberli
Sedimentary Geology 175 (1-4), 115-129, 2005
Questioning carbonate diagenetic paradigms: evidence from the Neogene of the Bahamas
LA Melim, H Westphal, PK Swart, GP Eberli, A Munnecke
Marine Geology 185 (1-2), 27-53, 2002
Accurate classification of juvenile weakfish Cynoscion regalis to estuarine nursery areas based on chemical signatures in otoliths
SR Thorrold, CM Jones, PK Swart, TE Targett
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New distribution coefficient for the incorporation of strontium into dolomite and its implications for the formation of ancient dolomites
VC Vahrenkamp, PK Swart
Geology 18 (5), 387-391, 1990
Mineralogy, early marine diagenesis, and the chemistry of shallow-water carbonate sediments
JA Higgins, CL Blättler, EA Lundstrom, DP Santiago-Ramos, AA Akhtar, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 220, 512-534, 2018
Evolution of the coral-zooxanthellae symbiosis during the Triassic: a geochemical approach
GD Stanley, PK Swart
Paleobiology 21 (2), 179-199, 1995
Whitings, a sedimentologic dilemma
EA Shinn, RP Steinen, BH Lidz, PK Swart
Journal of Sedimentary Research 59 (1), 147-161, 1989
The origin of variations in the isotopic record of scleractinian corals: I. Oxygen
JJ Leder, PK Swart, AM Szmant, RE Dodge
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Global synchronous changes in the carbon isotopic composition of carbonate sediments unrelated to changes in the global carbon cycle
PK Swart
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (37), 13741-13745, 2008
N isotope fractionation and measures of organic matter alteration during decomposition
MG Kramer, P Sollins, RS Sletten, PK Swart
Ecology 84 (8), 2021-2025, 2003
Interpreting carbonate and organic carbon isotope covariance in the sedimentary record
AM Oehlert, PK Swart
Nature Communications 5 (1), 4672, 2014
Utilization of freshwater and ocean water by coastal plants of southern Florida
LSL Sternberg, PK Swart
Ecology 68 (6), 1898-1905, 1987
The origin of variations in the isotopic record of scleractinian corals: II. Carbon
PK Swart, JJ Leder, AM Szmant, RE Dodge
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 60 (15), 2871-2885, 1996
Quantifying early marine diagenesis in shallow-water carbonate sediments
ASC Ahm, CJ Bjerrum, CL Blättler, PK Swart, JA Higgins
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Late Cenozoic dolomites of the Bahamas: metastable analogues for the genesis of ancient platform dolomites
VC Vahrenkamp, PK Swart
Dolomites: A volume in honour of Dolomieu, 133-153, 1994
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