Christian A. Kell
Christian A. Kell
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Spontaneous local variations in ongoing neural activity bias perceptual decisions
G Hesselmann, CA Kell, E Eger, A Kleinschmidt
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (31), 10984-10989, 2008
How the brain repairs stuttering
CA Kell, K Neumann, K Von Kriegstein, C Posenenske, ...
Brain 132 (10), 2747-2760, 2009
Rhythmic gene expression in pituitary depends on heterologous sensitization by the neurohormone melatonin
C von Gall, ML Garabette, CA Kell, S Frenzel, F Dehghani, ...
Nature neuroscience 5 (3), 234-238, 2002
Dual neural routing of visual facilitation in speech processing
LH Arnal, B Morillon, CA Kell, AL Giraud
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (43), 13445-13453, 2009
Contributions of sensory input, auditory search and verbal comprehension to cortical activity during speech processing
AL Giraud, C Kell, C Thierfelder, P Sterzer, MO Russ, C Preibisch, ...
Cerebral cortex 14 (3), 247-255, 2004
Simulation of talking faces in the human brain improves auditory speech recognition
K von Kriegstein, Ö Dogan, M Grüter, AL Giraud, CA Kell, T Grüter, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (18), 6747-6752, 2008
Ongoing activity fluctuations in hMT+ bias the perception of coherent visual motion
G Hesselmann, CA Kell, A Kleinschmidt
Journal of Neuroscience 28 (53), 14481-14485, 2008
The sensory cortical representation of the human penis: revisiting somatotopy in the male homunculus
CA Kell, K von Kriegstein, A Rösler, A Kleinschmidt, H Laufs
Journal of Neuroscience 25 (25), 5984-5987, 2005
Phonological processing in post-lingual deafness and cochlear implant outcome
DS Lazard, HJ Lee, M Gaebler, CA Kell, E Truy, AL Giraud
Neuroimage 49 (4), 3443-3451, 2010
Three stages and four neural systems in time estimation
B Morillon, CA Kell, AL Giraud
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (47), 14803-14811, 2009
Affective and sensorimotor components of emotional prosody generation
S Pichon, CA Kell
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (4), 1640-1650, 2013
Pathomechanisms and compensatory efforts related to Parkinsonian speech
C Arnold, J Gehrig, S Gispert, C Seifried, CA Kell
NeuroImage: Clinical 4, 82-97, 2014
Water‐deprivation headache: A new headache with two variants
JN Blau, CA Kell, JM Sperling
Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain 44 (1), 79-83, 2004
Left-handed surgeons: are they left out?
PS Adusumilli, C Kell, JH Chang, S Tuorto, IM Leitman
Current surgery 61 (6), 587-591, 2004
Left dorsal speech stream components and their contribution to phonological processing
T Murakami, CA Kell, J Restle, Y Ugawa, U Ziemann
Journal of Neuroscience 35 (4), 1411-1422, 2015
Setting up the speech production network: how oscillations contribute to lateralized information routing
J Gehrig, M Wibral, C Arnold, CA Kell
Frontiers in psychology 3, 169, 2012
Lateralization of speech production starts in sensory cortices—a possible sensory origin of cerebral left dominance for speech
CA Kell, B Morillon, F Kouneiher, AL Giraud
Cerebral Cortex 21 (4), 932-937, 2011
Speaking-related changes in cortical functional connectivity associated with assisted and spontaneous recovery from developmental stuttering
CA Kell, K Neumann, M Behrens, AW von Gudenberg, AL Giraud
Journal of Fluency Disorders 55, 135-144, 2018
Differential contributions of the two cerebral hemispheres to temporal and spectral speech feedback control
M Floegel, S Fuchs, CA Kell
Nature Communications 11 (1), 2839, 2020
Observation and assessment of acoustic contamination of electrophysiological brain signals during speech production and sound perception
P Roussel, G Le Godais, F Bocquelet, M Palma, J Hongjie, S Zhang, ...
Journal of Neural Engineering 17 (5), 056028, 2020
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