Lawrence A. Taylor
Lawrence A. Taylor
Earth & Planetary Sciences
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Character and spatial distribution of OH/H2O on the surface of the Moon seen by M3 on Chandrayaan-1
CM Pieters, JN Goswami, RN Clark, M Annadurai, J Boardman, B Buratti, ...
science 326 (5952), 568-572, 2009
Space weathering on airless bodies: Resolving a mystery with lunar samples
CM Pieters, LA Taylor, SK Noble, LP Keller, B Hapke, RV Morris, CC Allen, ...
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 35 (5), 1101-1107, 2000
A chemical model for generating the sources of mare basalts: Combined equilibrium and fractional crystallization of the lunar magmasphere
GA Snyder, LA Taylor, CR Neal
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 56 (10), 3809-3823, 1992
Understanding the lunar surface and space-Moon interactions
P Lucey, RL Korotev, JJ Gillis, LA Taylor, D Lawrence, BA Campbell, ...
Reviews in mineralogy and geochemistry 60 (1), 83-219, 2006
Oxygen isotopes and the Moon-forming giant impact
U Wiechert, AN Halliday, DC Lee, GA Snyder, LA Taylor, D Rumble
Science 294 (5541), 345-348, 2001
Petrogenesis of mare basalts: A record of lunar volcanism
CR Neal, LA Taylor
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 56 (6), 2177-2211, 1992
Lunar mare soils: Space weathering and the major effects of surface‐correlated nanophase Fe
LA Taylor, CM Pieters, LP Keller, RV Morris, DS McKay
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 106 (E11), 27985-27999, 2001
Lunar apatite with terrestrial volatile abundances
JW Boyce, Y Liu, GR Rossman, Y Guan, JM Eiler, EM Stolper, LA Taylor
Nature 466 (7305), 466-469, 2010
Hydrogen isotope ratios in lunar rocks indicate delivery of cometary water to the Moon
JP Greenwood, S Itoh, N Sakamoto, P Warren, L Taylor, H Yurimoto
Nature Geoscience 4 (2), 79-82, 2011
Azithromycin in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 (RECOVERY): a randomised, controlled, open-label, platform trial
RECOVERY Collaborative Group
Lancet (London, England) 397 (10274), 605, 2021
The Moon mineralogy mapper (M³) on chandrayaan-1
CM Pieters, J Boardman, B Buratti, A Chatterjee, R Clark, T Glavich, ...
Current science, 500-505, 2009
Eclogites with oceanic crustal and mantle signatures from the Bellsbank kimberlite, South Africa, Part I: mineralogy, petrography, and whole rock chemistry
LA Taylor, CR Neal
The Journal of Geology 97 (5), 551-567, 1989
Microwave sintering of lunar soil: properties, theory, and practice
LA Taylor, TT Meek
Journal of Aerospace Engineering 18 (3), 188-196, 2005
Constraints on Martian differentiation processes from Rb Sr and Sm Nd isotopic analyses of the basaltic shergottite QUE 94201
LE Borg, LE Nyquist, LA Taylor, H Wiesmann, CY Shih
Geochimica et cosmochimica acta 61 (22), 4915-4931, 1997
Lunar minerals
J Papike, L Taylor, S Simon
Lunar sourcebook: A user’s guide to the Moon, 121-181, 1991
The Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) imaging spectrometer for lunar science: Instrument description, calibration, on‐orbit measurements, science data calibration …
RO Green, C Pieters, P Mouroulis, M Eastwood, J Boardman, T Glavich, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 116 (E10), 2011
Archaean Re–Os age for Siberian eclogites and constraints on Archaean tectonics
DG Pearson, GA Snyder, SB Shirey, LA Taylor, RW Carlson, NV Sobolev
Nature 374 (6524), 711-713, 1995
Vesta as the howardite, eucrite and diogenite parent body: Implications for the size of a core and for large‐scale differentiation
A Ruzicka, GA Snyder, LA Taylor
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 32 (6), 825-840, 1997
Mineral inclusions in microdiamonds and macrodiamonds from kimberlites of Yakutia: a comparative study
NV Sobolev, AM Logvinova, DA Zedgenizov, YV Seryotkin, ES Yefimova, ...
Lithos 77 (1-4), 225-242, 2004
Diamonds: time capsules from the Siberian Mantle
LA Taylor, M Anand
Geochemistry 64 (1), 1-74, 2004
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