Helge S. Stein
Helge S. Stein
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie / Helmholtz Institut Ulm / Applied Electrochemistry
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Inverse Design of Solid-State Materials via a Continuous Representation
J Noh, J Kim, HS Stein, B Sanchez-Lengeling, JM Gregoire, ...
Matter, 2019
Progress and prospects for accelerating materials science with automated and autonomous workflows
HS Stein, JM Gregoire
Chemical Science, 2019
In‐Situ Electrochemical Electron Microscopy Study of Oxygen Evolution Activity of Doped Manganite Perovskites
S Raabe, D Mierwaldt, J Ciston, M Uijttewaal, H Stein, J Hoffmann, Y Zhu, ...
Advanced Functional Materials, 2012
High-throughput, combinatorial synthesis of multimetallic nanoclusters
Y Yao, Z Huang, T Li, H Wang, Y Liu, HS Stein, Y Mao, J Gao, M Jiao, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2020
Rechargeable batteries of the future—the state of the art from a BATTERY 2030+ perspective
M Fichtner, K Edström, E Ayerbe, M Berecibar, A Bhowmik, IE Castelli, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 12 (17), 2102904, 2022
Machine learning of optical properties of materials - predicting spectra from images and images from spectra
HS Stein, D Guevarra, PF Newhouse, E Soedarmadji, JM Gregoire
Chemical Science, 2018
Rutile alloys in the Mn-Sb-O system stabilize Mn+3 to enable oxygen evolution in strong acid
L Zhou, A Shinde, JH Montoya, A Singh, S Gul, J Yano, Y Ye, EJ Crumlin, ...
ACS Catalysis, 10.1021/acscatal.8b02689, 2018
Benchmarking the Acceleration of Materials Discovery by Sequential Learning
B Rohr, H Stein, D Guevarra, Y Wang, J Haber, M Aykol, S Suram, ...
chemrxiv, 10.26434/chemrxiv.113036, 2019
Analyzing machine learning models to accelerate generation of fundamental materials insights
M Umehara, HS Stein, D Guevarra, PF Newhouse, DA Boyd, JM Gregoire
npj Computational Materials 5, 34, 2019
Accelerated atomic-scale exploration of phase evolution in compositionally complex materials
YJ Li, A Savan, A Kostka, HS Stein, A Ludwig
Materials Horizons 5 (1), 86-92, 2018
Fe–Cr–Al containing oxide semiconductors as potential solar water-splitting materials
K Sliozberg, HS Stein, C Khare, BA Parkinson, A Ludwig, W Schuhmann
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (8), 4883-4889, 2015
A roadmap for transforming research to invent the batteries of the future designed within the european large scale research initiative battery 2030+
J Amici, P Asinari, E Ayerbe, P Barboux, P Bayle‐Guillemaud, RJ Behm, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 12 (17), 2102785, 2022
Correlating Oxygen Evolution Catalysts Activity and Electronic Structure by a High-Throughput Investigation of Ni1-y-zFeyCrzOx
C Schwanke, HS Stein, L Xi, K Sliozberg, W Schuhmann, A Ludwig, ...
Scientific Reports 7, 44192, 2017
Combinatorial screening of Pd-based quaternary electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media
J Li, HS Stein, K Sliozberg, J Liu, Y Liu, G Sertic, E Scanley, A Ludwig, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5, 67-72, 2016
Tracking materials science data lineage to manage millions of materials experiments and analyses
E Soedarmadji, HS Stein, SK Suram, D Guevarra, JM Gregoire
npj Coputational Materials 5, 79, 2019
A structure zone diagram obtained by simultaneous deposition on a novel step heater: A case study for Cu2O thin films
H Stein, D Naujoks, D Grochla, C Khare, R Gutkowski, S Grützke, ...
Phys. Status Solidi A 212 (12), 2798–2804, 2015
High‐throughput experimentation and computational freeway lanes for accelerated battery electrolyte and interface development research
A Benayad, D Diddens, A Heuer, AN Krishnamoorthy, M Maiti, FL Cras, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 12 (17), 2102678, 2022
Multi-component background learning automates signal detection for spectroscopic data
SE Ament, HS Stein, D Guevarra, L Zhou, JA Haber, DA Boyd, ...
npj Computational Materials 5, 77, 2019
Functional mapping reveals mechanistic clusters for OER catalysis across (Cu-Mn-Ta-Co-Sn-Fe)Ox composition and pH space
HS Stein, D Guevarra, A Shine, R Jones, JM Gregoire, JA Haber
Materials Horizons, 10.1039/C8MH01641K, 2019
Expediting combinatorial data set analysis by combining human and algorithmic analysis
HS Stein, S Jiao, A Ludwig
ACS combinatorial science 19 (1), 1-8, 2017
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