Wolfgang D Maier
Wolfgang D Maier
Professor of Geology, Cardiff University
Потвърден имейл адрес: cardiff.ac.uk
The fractionation of Ni, Cu and the noble metals in silicate and sulphide liquids
SJ Barnes, WD Maier
Short Course Notes-Geological Association of Canada 13, 69-106, 1999
The Bushveld Complex, South Africa: formation of platinum–palladium, chrome-and vanadium-rich layers via hydrodynamic sorting of a mobilized cumulate slurry in a large …
WD Maier, SJ Barnes, DI Groves
Mineralium Deposita 48, 1-56, 2013
Platinum-group elements in sulphide minerals, platinum-group minerals, and whole-rocks of the Merensky Reef (Bushveld Complex, South Africa): Implications for the formation of …
B Godel, SJ Barnes, WD Maier
Journal of Petrology 48 (8), 1569-1604, 2007
Platinum-group element (PGE) deposits and occurrences: Mineralization styles, genetic concepts, and exploration criteria
WD Maier
Journal of African Earth Sciences 41 (3), 165-191, 2005
Progressive crustal contamination of the Bushveld Complex: evidence from Nd isotopic analyses of the cumulate rocks
WD Maier, NT Arndt, EA Curl
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 140, 316-327, 2000
Platinum-group elements and microstructures of normal Merensky reef from Impala Platinum Mines, Bushveld Complex
SJ Barnes, WD Maier
Journal of Petrology 43 (1), 103-128, 2002
Composition of the marginal rocks and sills of the Rustenburg Layered Suite, Bushveld Complex, South Africa: implications for the formation of the platinum-group element deposits
SJ Barnes, WD Maier, EA Curl
Economic Geology 105 (8), 1491-1511, 2010
Compositional variations of olivine from the Jinchuan Ni–Cu sulfide deposit, western China: implications for ore genesis
C Li, Z Xu, SA de Waal, EM Ripley, WD Maier
Mineralium deposita 39, 159-172, 2004
Progressive mixing of meteoritic veneer into the early Earth’s deep mantle
WD Maier, SJ Barnes, IH Campbell, ML Fiorentini, P Peltonen, SJ Barnes, ...
Nature 460 (7255), 620-623, 2009
Platinum-group elements in silicate rocks of the lower, critical and main zones at Union Section, western Bushveld Complex
WD Maier, SJ Barnes
Journal of Petrology 40 (11), 1647-1671, 1999
Temporal and spatial controls on the formation of magmatic PGE and Ni–Cu deposits
WD Maier, DI Groves
Mineralium Deposita 46, 841-857, 2011
Platinum-group element distributions in the Rustenburg layered suite of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa
SJ Barnes, WD Maier
Canadian Institute of Mining, 2002
Replacement of base metal sulfides by actinolite, epidote, calcite, and magnetite in the UG2 and Merensky Reef of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa
C Li, EM Ripley, E Merino, WD Maier
Economic Geology 99 (1), 0173-0184, 2004
Platinum group elements in mantle melts and mantle samples
SJ Barnes, JE Mungall, WD Maier
Lithos 232, 395-417, 2015
Platinum-group element distribution in the main zone and upper zone of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa
SJ Barnes, WD Maier, LD Ashwal
Chemical Geology 208 (1-4), 293-317, 2004
The composition of magmatic Ni–Cu–(PGE) sulfide deposits in the Tati and Selebi-Phikwe belts of eastern Botswana
WD Maier, SJ Barnes, G Chinyepi, JM Barton, B Eglington, I Setshedi
Mineralium Deposita 43, 37-60, 2008
Pt-Pd reefs in magnetitites of the Stella layered intrusion, South Africa: A world of new exploration opportunities for platinum group elements
WD Maier, SJ Barnes, V Gartz, G Andrews
Geology 31 (10), 885-888, 2003
The burning heart—The Proterozoic geology and geological evolution of the west Musgrave Region, central Australia
HM Howard, RH Smithies, CL Kirkland, DE Kelsey, A Aitken, ...
Gondwana Research 27 (1), 64-94, 2015
Magmatic Ni-Cu versus PGE deposits: Contrasting genetic controls and exploration implications
C Li, WD Maier, SA De Waal
South African Journal of Geology 104 (4), 309-318, 2001
Origin of phlogopite-orthopyroxene inclusions in chromites from the Merensky Reef of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa
C Li, EM Ripley, A Sarkar, D Shin, WD Maier
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 150, 119-130, 2005
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