Oliver E. Jensen
Oliver E. Jensen
Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Manchester
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Biofluid mechanics in flexible tubes
JB Grotberg, OE Jensen
Annual review of fluid mechanics 36 (1), 121, 2004
Auxin regulates aquaporin function to facilitate lateral root emergence
B Péret, G Li, J Zhao, LR Band, U Voß, O Postaire, DT Luu, O Da Ines, ...
Nature cell biology 14 (10), 991-998, 2012
Insoluble surfactant spreading on a thin viscous film: shock evolution and film rupture
OE Jensen, JB Grotberg
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The spreading of heat or soluble surfactant along a thin liquid film
OE Jensen, JB Grotberg
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The motion of a viscous drop through a cylindrical tube
SR Hodges, OE Jensen, JM Rallison
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A theoretical study of surfactant and liquid delivery into the lung
D Halpern, OE Jensen, JB Grotberg
Journal of Applied Physiology 85 (1), 333, 1998
An integrative computational model for intestinal tissue renewal
IMM Van Leeuwen, GR Mirams, A Walter, A Fletcher, P Murray, J Osborne, ...
Cell proliferation 42 (5), 617-636, 2009
The steady motion of a semi-infinite bubble through a flexible-walled channel
DP Gaver III, D Halpern, OE Jensen, JB Grotberg
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Mathematical modelling of engineered tissue growth using a multiphase porous flow mixture theory
G Lemon, JR King, HM Byrne, OE Jensen, KM Shakesheff
Journal of mathematical biology 52 (5), 571-594, 2006
A hybrid approach to multi-scale modelling of cancer
JM Osborne, A Walter, SK Kershaw, GR Mirams, AG Fletcher, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2010
Root hydrotropism is controlled via a cortex-specific growth mechanism
D Dietrich, L Pang, A Kobayashi, JA Fozard, V Boudolf, R Bhosale, ...
Nature plants 3 (6), 1-8, 2017
Theory and measurements of snores
N Gavriely, O Jensen
Journal of Applied Physiology 74 (6), 2828-2837, 1993
Crypt dynamics and colorectal cancer: advances in mathematical modelling
IMM Van Leeuwen, HM Byrne, OE Jensen, JR King
Cell proliferation 39 (3), 157-181, 2006
Flows in deformable tubes and channels
M Heil, OE Jensen
Flow Past Highly Compliant Boundaries and in Collapsible Tubes, Kluwer, 15-49, 2003
Growth-induced hormone dilution can explain the dynamics of plant root cell elongation
LR Band, S Úbeda-Tomás, RJ Dyson, AM Middleton, TC Hodgman, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (19), 7577-7582, 2012
Instabilities of flow in a collapsed tube
OE Jensen
J. Fluid Mech 220, 623-659, 1990
Sliding, slipping and rolling: the sedimentation of a viscous drop down a gently inclined plane
SR Hodges, OE Jensen, JM Rallison
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 512, 95-131, 2004
High-frequency self-excited oscillations in a collapsible-channel flow
OE Jensen, M Heil
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 481, 235-268, 2003
The spreading of insoluble surfactant at the free surface of a deep fluid layer
OE Jensen
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 293, 349-378, 1995
The existence of steady flow in a collapsed tube
OE Jensen, TJ Pedley
J. Fluid Mech 206, 339-374, 1989
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