Harald Herrmann
Harald Herrmann
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A transport network layer based on optical network elements
GR Hill, PJ Chidgey, F Kaufhold, T Lynch, O Sahlen, M Gustavsson, ...
Journal of lightwave technology 11 (5/6), 667-679, 1993
Quantum teleportation from a telecom-wavelength photon to a solid-state quantum memory
F Bussières, C Clausen, A Tiranov, B Korzh, VB Verma, SW Nam, ...
Nature Photonics 8 (10), 775-778, 2014
Integrated optical devices in lithium niobate
W Sohler, H Hu, R Ricken, V Quiring, C Vannahme, H Herrmann, ...
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A polarization entangled photon-pair source based on a type-II PPLN waveguide emitting at a telecom wavelength
A Martin, A Issautier, H Herrmann, W Sohler, DB Ostrowsky, O Alibart, ...
New Journal of Physics 12 (10), 103005, 2010
Metasurface interferometry toward quantum sensors
P Georgi, M Massaro, KH Luo, B Sain, N Montaut, H Herrmann, T Weiss, ...
Light: Science & Applications 8 (1), 70, 2019
Direct generation of genuine single-longitudinal-mode narrowband photon pairs
KH Luo, H Herrmann, S Krapick, B Brecht, R Ricken, V Quiring, H Suche, ...
New Journal of Physics 17 (7), 073039, 2015
Limits on the heralding efficiencies and spectral purities of spectrally filtered single photons from photon-pair sources
E Meyer-Scott, N Montaut, J Tiedau, L Sansoni, H Herrmann, TJ Bartley, ...
Physical Review A 95 (6), 061803, 2017
An efficient integrated two-color source for heralded single photons
S Krapick, H Herrmann, V Quiring, B Brecht, H Suche, C Silberhorn
New Journal of Physics 15 (3), 033010, 2013
Plasma etching of proton-exchanged lithium niobate
H Hu, AP Milenin, RB Wehrspohn, H Hermann, W Sohler
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Nonlinear integrated quantum electro-optic circuits
KH Luo, S Brauner, C Eigner, PR Sharapova, R Ricken, T Meier, ...
Science advances 5 (1), eaat1451, 2019
Quasi-phase-matched difference-frequency generation in periodically poled Ti:LiNbO3 channel waveguides
D Hofmann, G Schreiber, C Haase, H Herrmann, W Grundkötter, R Ricken, ...
Optics letters 24 (13), 896-898, 1999
Integrated optical, acoustically tunable wavelength filter
J Frangen, H Herrmann, R Ricken, H Seibert, W Sohler, E Strake
5th European Conf on Integrated Optics: ECIO'89 1141, 149-153, 1989
High-efficiency plug-and-play source of heralded single photons
N Montaut, L Sansoni, E Meyer-Scott, R Ricken, V Quiring, H Herrmann, ...
Physical Review Applied 8 (2), 024021, 2017
Post-selection free, integrated optical source of non-degenerate, polarization entangled photon pairs
H Herrmann, X Yang, A Thomas, A Poppe, W Sohler, C Silberhorn
Optics express 21 (23), 27981-27991, 2013
A source of polarization-entangled photon pairs interfacing quantum memories with telecom photons
C Clausen, F Bussieres, A Tiranov, H Herrmann, C Silberhorn, W Sohler, ...
New Journal of Physics 16 (9), 093058, 2014
Toolbox for the design of LiNbO3-based passive and active integrated quantum circuits
PR Sharapova, KH Luo, H Herrmann, M Reichelt, T Meier, C Silberhorn
New Journal of Physics 19 (12), 123009, 2017
Polarization-independent integrated optical, acoustically tunable double-stage wavelength filter in LiNbO/sub 3
F Tian, C Harizi, H Herrmann, V Reimann, R Ricken, U Rust, W Sohler, ...
Journal of lightwave technology 12 (7), 1192-1197, 1994
Purification of single-photon entanglement
D Salart, O Landry, N Sangouard, N Gisin, H Herrmann, B Sanguinetti, ...
Physical review letters 104 (18), 180504, 2010
Tapered acoustical directional couplers for integrated acousto-optical mode converters with weighted coupling
H Herrmann, U Rust, K Schafer
Journal of Lightwave technology 13 (3), 364-374, 1995
High-quality polarization entanglement state preparation and manipulation in standard telecommunication channels
F Kaiser, A Issautier, LA Ngah, O Dănilă, H Herrmann, W Sohler, A Martin, ...
New Journal of Physics 14 (8), 085015, 2012
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