Marwan El-Rich
Marwan El-Rich
Associate Professor, Khalifa University
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Finite element investigation of the loading rate effect on the spinal load-sharing changes under impact conditions
M El-Rich, PJ Arnoux, E Wagnac, C Brunet, CE Aubin
Journal of biomechanics 42 (9), 1252-1262, 2009
Muscle activity, internal loads, and stability of the human spine in standing postures: combined model and in vivo studies
M El-Rich, A Shirazi-Adl, N Arjmand
Spine 29 (23), 2633-2642, 2004
Muscle force evaluation and the role of posture in human lumbar spine under compression
A Shirazi-Adl, S Sadouk, M Parnianpour, D Pop, M El-Rich
European spine journal 11 (6), 519-526, 2002
Spinal muscle forces, internal loads and stability in standing under various postures and loads—application of kinematics-based algorithm
A Shirazi-Adl, M El-Rich, DG Pop, M Parnianpour
European spine journal 14 (4), 381-392, 2005
An in vitro study on the dimensional stability of a vinyl polyether silicone impression material over a prolonged storage period
U Nassar, A Oko, S Adeeb, M El-Rich, C Flores-Mir
The Journal of prosthetic dentistry 109 (3), 172-178, 2013
The influence of cell micro-structure on the in-plane dynamic crushing of honeycombs with negative Poisson’s ratio
XC Zhang, LQ An, HM Ding, XY Zhu, M El-Rich
Journal of Sandwich Structures & Materials 17 (1), 26-55, 2015
On the load-sharing along the ligamentous lumbosacral spine in flexed and extended postures: Finite element study
S Naserkhaki, JL Jaremko, S Adeeb, M El-Rich
Journal of biomechanics 49 (6), 974-982, 2016
Investigation of impact loading rate effects on the ligamentous cervical spinal load-partitioning using finite element model of functional spinal unit C2–C3
T Mustafy, M El-Rich, W Mesfar, K Moglo
Journal of biomechanics 47 (12), 2891-2903, 2014
Ergonomic analysis and the need for its integration for planning and assessing construction tasks
N Inyang, M Al-Hussein, M El-Rich, S Al-Jibouri
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 138 (12), 1370-1376, 2012
Surface topography asymmetry maps categorizing external deformity in scoliosis
A Komeili, LM Westover, EC Parent, M Moreau, M El-Rich, S Adeeb
The Spine Journal 14 (6), 973-983. e2, 2014
Symmetry analysis of talus bone: a geometric morphometric approach
K Islam, A Dobbe, A Komeili, K Duke, M El-Rich, S Dhillon, S Adeeb, ...
Bone & joint research 3 (5), 139-145, 2014
Calibration of hyperelastic material properties of the human lumbar intervertebral disc under fast dynamic compressive loads
E Wagnac, PJ Arnoux, A Garo, M El-Rich, CE Aubin
Journal of biomechanical engineering 133 (10), 2011
Effects of eight different ligament property datasets on biomechanics of a lumbar L4-L5 finite element model
S Naserkhaki, N Arjmand, A Shirazi-Adl, F Farahmand, M El-Rich
Journal of biomechanics 70, 33-42, 2018
Monitoring for idiopathic scoliosis curve progression using surface topography asymmetry analysis of the torso in adolescents
A Komeili, L Westover, EC Parent, M El-Rich, S Adeeb
The Spine Journal 15 (4), 743-751, 2015
3D visualization-based ergonomic risk assessment and work modification framework and its validation for a lifting task
X Li, SH Han, M Gül, M Al-Hussein, M El-Rich
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 144 (1), 04017093, 2018
Effects of inter-individual lumbar spine geometry variation on load-sharing: Geometrically personalized Finite Element study
S Naserkhaki, JL Jaremko, M El-Rich
Journal of biomechanics 49 (13), 2909-2917, 2016
A framework for evaluating muscle activity during repetitive manual material handling in construction manufacturing
X Li, A Komeili, M Gül, M El-Rich
Automation in Construction 79, 39-48, 2017
Development and validation of a geometrically personalized finite element model of the lower ligamentous cervical spine for clinical applications
M Nikkhoo, CH Cheng, JL Wang, Z Khoz, M El-Rich, N Hebela, K Khalaf
Computers in biology and medicine 109, 22-32, 2019
Effect of load position on muscle forces, internal loads and stability of the human spine in upright postures
M El-Rich, A Shirazi-Adl
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 8 (6), 359-368, 2005
Load-sharing in the lumbosacral spine in neutral standing & flexed postures–A combined finite element and inverse static study
T Liu, K Khalaf, S Naserkhaki, M El-Rich
Journal of biomechanics 70, 43-50, 2018
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