Ilham Al-Qaradawi
Ilham Al-Qaradawi
Professor of Physics, Qatar University
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The Structure of the Free Volume in Poly(styrene‐co‐acrylonitrile) from Positron Lifetime and Pressure Volume Temperature (PVT) Experiments
G Dlubek, J Pionteck, D Kilburn
Macromolecular chemistry and physics 205 (4), 500-511, 2004
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G Testera, AS Belov, G Bonomi, I Boscolo, N Brambilla, RS Brusa, ...
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Thermalization times of positrons in molecular gases
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The effect of gamma irradiation and shelf aging in air on the oxidation of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
MA Al-Ma’adeed, IY Al-Qaradawi, N Madi, NJ Al-Thani
Applied surface science 252 (9), 3316-3322, 2006
Positron annihilation and ion beam analysis of ion-bombardment-induced hydrogen release and oxidation of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene
IY Al-Qaradawi, NK Madi, A Turos, AM Abdul-Kader
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Radioactivity levels in the marine environment along the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Qatar
I Al-Qaradawi, M Abdel-Moati, MAA Al-Yafei, E Al-Ansari, I Al-Maslamani, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 90 (1-2), 323-329, 2015
Corrosion properties of duplex treated Ti–6Al–4V alloy in chloride media using electrochemical and positron annihilation spectroscopy techniques
MM Khaled, BS Yilbas, IY Al-Qaradawi, PG Coleman, D Abdulmalik, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 201 (3-4), 932-937, 2006
Gamma irradiation effects on polymethyl methacrylate
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Antihydrogen physics: gravitation and spectroscopy in AEgIS
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Positron annihilation studies of the effect of gamma irradiation dose in polymers
IY Al-Qaradawi, DT Britton, EE Abdel-Hady, DA Abdulmalik, ...
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Self-implantation of Cz-Si: Clustering and annealing of defects
DA Abdulmalik, PG Coleman, IY Al-Qaradawi
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Electron irradiated low-density polyethylene studied by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
IY Al-Qaradawi
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 68 (3-4), 467-470, 2003
The AEGIS detection system for gravity measurements
D Fabris, AS Belov, G Bonomi, I Boscolo, N Brambilla, RS Brusa, ...
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Tests of a diamond field-assisted positron moderator
IY Al-Qaradawi, PA Sellin, PG Coleman
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Three-body effects in the annihilation of positrons on molecules
M Charlton, DP van der Werf, I Al-Qaradawi
Physical Review A 65 (4), 042716, 2002
Positron annihilation lifetime study of pure and treated polyvinyl chloride
IY Al-Qaradawi, EE Abdel-Hady
Materials Science Forum(Switzerland) 255, 366-368, 1997
Measuring the fall of antihydrogen: the AEgIS experiment at CERN
M Doser, Y Allkofer, C Amsler, AS Belov, G Bonomi, I Boscolo, RS Brusa, ...
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Positronium production at a carbon-oxygen interface
PC Rice-Evans, CE Haynes, I Al-Qaradawi, FAR El Khangi, HE Evans, ...
Physical Review B 46 (21), 14178, 1992
Adsorption study of Pb (II) in aqueous medium using polyaniline nanocomposites
NK Madi, J Bhadra, NJ Al‐Thani, A Alashraf, D Abdulmalik, I Al‐Qaradawi
Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technology 23, E99-E106, 2017
Morphology and property changes in PLA/PHBV blends as function of blend composition
GS Kanda, I Al-Qaradawi, AS Luyt
Journal of Polymer Research 25 (9), 196, 2018
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