Alla Synytska
Alla Synytska
Head of Department Polymer Interfaces, IPF Dresden, Privatdozent TU Dresden
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Stimuli-responsive bicomponent polymer janus particles by “grafting from”/“grafting to” approaches
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Experimental studies of contact angle hysteresis phenomena on polymer surfaces—Toward the understanding and control of wettability for different applications
K Grundke, K Pöschel, A Synytska, R Frenzel, A Drechsler, M Nitschke, ...
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Biocompatible polymeric materials with switchable adhesion properties
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A Synytska, D Appelhans, ZG Wang, F Simon, F Lehmann, M Stamm, ...
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Engineering of Ultra‐Hydrophobic Functional Coatings Using Controlled Aggregation of Bicomponent Core/Shell Janus Particles
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G Dominguez-Espinosa, A Synytska, A Drechsler, C Gutsche, K Kegler, ...
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M Horecha, V Senkovskyy, A Synytska, M Stamm, AI Chervanyov, A Kiriy
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Switchable adhesion by chemical functionality and topography
M Kamperman, A Synytska
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Simple and fast method for the fabrication of switchable bicomponent micropatterned polymer surfaces
A Synytska, M Stamm, S Diez, L Ionov
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E Svetushkina, N Puretskiy, L Ionov, M Stamm, A Synytska
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Temperature‐Induced Size‐Control of Bioactive Surface Patterns
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MMB Hasan, A Calvimontes, A Synytska, V Dutschk
Textile research journal 78 (11), 996-1003, 2008
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