HUGOT Jean-Pierre
HUGOT Jean-Pierre
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Biodiversity in helminths and nematodes as a field of study: an overview
JP Hugot, P Baujard, S Morand
Nematology 3 (3), 199-208, 2001
Revisiting the taxonomy of the Rattini tribe: a phylogeny-based delimitation of species boundaries
Y Chaval, V Herbreteau, S Waengsothorn, JF Cosson, JP Hugot, ...
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SA Nadler, RA Carreno, H Mejía-Madrid, J Ullberg, C Pagan, R Houston, ...
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Primates and their pinworm parasites: the Cameron hypothesis revisited
JP Hugot
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A comparative analysis of parasite species richness of Iberian rodents
C Feliu, F Renaud, F Catzeflis, JP Hugot, P Durand, S Morand
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Thirty years of use and improvement of remote sensing, applied to epidemiology: from early promises to lasting frustration
V Herbreteau, G Salem, M Souris, JP Hugot, JP Gonzalez
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Human enterobiasis in evolution: origin, specificity and transmission
JP Hugot, KJ Reinhard, SL Gardner, S Morand
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Les nématodes Syphaciinae, parasites de rongeurs et de lagomorphes. Taxonomie, Zoogéographie. Evolution
JP Hugot
Mémoires du Muséum national d'histoire naturelle. Série A, Zoologie, 1988
Evolutionary relationships between 15 Plasmodium species from New and Old World primates (including humans): a 18S rDNA cladistic analysis
MC Leclerc, JP Hugot, P Durand, F Renaud
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The Enterobiinae subfam. nov.(Nematoda, Oxyurida) pinworm parasites of primates and rodents
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Body size evolution of oxyurid (Nematoda) parasites: the role of hosts
S Morand, P Legendre, SL Gardner, JP Hugot
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Host–parasite coevolution: comparative evidence for covariation of life history traits in primates and oxyurid parasites
G Sorci, S Morand, JP Hugot
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences …, 1997
Genetic and morphological heterogeneity in small rodent whipworms in southwestern Europe: characterization of Trichuris muris and description of Trichuris arvicolae n. sp …
C Feliu, M Spakulová, JC Casanova, F Renaud, S Morand, JP Hugot, ...
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A cladistic analysis of the Trichostrongyloidea (Nematoda)
MC Durette-Desset, JP Hugot, P Darlu, AG Chabaud
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Recent discoveries of new hantaviruses widen their range and question their origins
H Henttonen, P Buchy, Y Suputtamongkol, S Jittapalapong, V Herbreteau, ...
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1149 (1), 84-89, 2008
Evolution of the Old World Arenaviridae and their rodent hosts: generalized host-transfer or association by descent?
JP Hugot, JP Gonzalez, C Denys
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Phylogeny of neotropical monkeys: the interplay of morphological, molecular, and parasitological data
JP Hugot
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J Guillot, C Demanche, JP Hugot, M Berthelemy, AE Wakefield, ...
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Molecular detection of divergent trypanosomes among rodents of Thailand
S Jittapalapong, T Inpankaew, N Sarataphan, V Herbreteau, JP Hugot, ...
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 8 (4), 445-449, 2008
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