Pierre-Yves Sacré
Pierre-Yves Sacré
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Vibrational spectroscopy in analysis of pharmaceuticals: Critical review of innovative portable and handheld NIR and Raman spectrophotometers
R Deidda, PY Sacre, M Clavaud, L Coïc, H Avohou, P Hubert, E Ziemons
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 114, 251-259, 2019
Comparison and combination of spectroscopic techniques for the detection of counterfeit medicines
PY Sacré, E Deconinck, T De Beer, P Courselle, R Vancauwenberghe, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 53 (3), 445-453, 2010
Data processing of vibrational chemical imaging for pharmaceutical applications
PY Sacré, C De Bleye, PF Chavez, L Netchacovitch, P Hubert, E Ziemons
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 101, 123-140, 2014
Chromatography in the detection and characterization of illegal pharmaceutical preparations
E Deconinck, PY Sacré, P Courselle, JO De Beer
Journal of chromatographic science 51 (8), 791-806, 2013
Detection of counterfeit Viagra® by Raman microspectroscopy imaging and multivariate analysis
PY Sacré, E Deconinck, L Saerens, T De Beer, P Courselle, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 56 (2), 454-461, 2011
Critical review of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy applications in the pharmaceutical field
J Cailletaud, C De Bleye, E Dumont, PY Sacré, L Netchacovitch, Y Gut, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 147, 458-472, 2018
Comparing the qualitative performances of handheld NIR and Raman spectrophotometers for the detection of falsified pharmaceutical products
PH Ciza, PY Sacre, C Waffo, L Coïc, H Avohou, JK Mbinze, R Ngono, ...
Talanta 202, 469-478, 2019
Development and validation of a ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-UV method for the detection and quantification of erectile dysfunction drugs and some of their …
PY Sacré, E Deconinck, P Chiap, J Crommen, F Mansion, E Rozet, ...
Journal of chromatography A 1218 (37), 6439-6447, 2011
A validated GC–MS method for the determination and quantification of residual solvents in counterfeit tablets and capsules
E Deconinck, M Canfyn, PY Sacré, S Baudewyns, P Courselle, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 70, 64-70, 2012
Classification trees based on infrared spectroscopic data to discriminate between genuine and counterfeit medicines
E Deconinck, PY Sacré, D Coomans, J De Beer
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 57, 68-75, 2012
A new criterion to assess distributional homogeneity in hyperspectral images of solid pharmaceutical dosage forms
PY Sacré, P Lebrun, PF Chavez, C De Bleye, L Netchacovitch, E Rozet, ...
Analytica chimica acta 818, 7-14, 2014
Impurity fingerprints for the identification of counterfeit medicines—a feasibility study
PY Sacré, E Deconinck, M Daszykowski, P Courselle, ...
Analytica chimica acta 701 (2), 224-231, 2011
Determination of 4-aminophenol in a pharmaceutical formulation using surface enhanced Raman scattering: From development to method validation
C De Bleye, E Dumont, E Rozet, PY Sacré, PF Chavez, L Netchacovitch, ...
Talanta 116, 899-905, 2013
A fast ultra high pressure liquid chromatographic method for qualification and quantification of pharmaceutical combination preparations containing paracetamol, acetyl …
E Deconinck, PY Sacre, S Baudewyns, P Courselle, J De Beer
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 56 (2), 200-209, 2011
Providing illicit drugs results in five seconds using ultra-portable NIR technology: An opportunity for forensic laboratories to cope with the trend toward the decentralization …
F Coppey, A Bécue, PY Sacré, EM Ziemons, P Hubert, P Esseiva
Forensic science international 317, 110498, 2020
Chemometrics and chromatographic fingerprints to discriminate and classify counterfeit medicines containing PDE-5 inhibitors
E Deconinck, PY Sacre, P Courselle, JO De Beer
Talanta 100, 123-133, 2012
Optimization of a pharmaceutical tablet formulation based on a design space approach and using vibrational spectroscopy as PAT tool
PF Chavez, P Lebrun, PY Sacré, C De Bleye, L Netchacovitch, S Cuypers, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 486 (1-2), 13-20, 2015
PAT tools for the control of co-extrusion implants manufacturing process
F Krier, J Mantanus, PY Sacré, PF Chavez, J Thiry, A Pestieau, E Rozet, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 458 (1), 15-24, 2013
Global regression model for moisture content determination using near-infrared spectroscopy
M Clavaud, Y Roggo, K Dégardin, PY Sacré, P Hubert, E Ziemons
European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics 119, 343-352, 2017
Active content determination of pharmaceutical tablets using near infrared spectroscopy as Process Analytical Technology tool
PF Chavez, PY Sacre, C De Bleye, L Netchacovitch, J Mantanus, H Motte, ...
Talanta 144, 1352-1359, 2015
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