M Marudova
M Marudova
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M Marudova, AJ MacDougall, SG Ring
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A Krzeminski, M Marudova, J Moffat, TR Noel, R Parker, N Wellner, ...
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T Yovcheva, M Marudova, A Viraneva, E Gencheva, N Balabanov, ...
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Creating a yield stress in liquid oils by the addition of crystallisable modifiers
M Mariya, J Nikolay
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R Hadjikinova, M Marudova
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Investigation of apples aging by electric impedance spectroscopy
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M Marudova, E Delcheva, G Zsivanovits
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M Marudova-Zsivánovits, G Zsivánovits
International Conference: Research and Teaching of Physics in the Context of …, 2005
Influence of functional ingredients on starch gelatinization in sponge cake batter
Z Goranova, M Marudova, M Baeva
Food chemistry 297, 124997, 2019
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