Vesselin Tonchev
Vesselin Tonchev
Faculty of Physics, Sofia University
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Properties and dynamic interaction of step density waves at a crystal surface during electromigration affected sublimation
S Stoyanov, V Tonchev
Physical Review B 58 (3), 1590, 1998
Scaling properties of step bunches induced by sublimation and related mechanisms
J Krug, V Tonchev, S Stoyanov, A Pimpinelli
Physical Review B 71 (4), 045412, 2005
Scaling and universality of self-organized patterns on unstable vicinal surfaces
A Pimpinelli, V Tonchev, A Videcoq, M Vladimirova
Physical review letters 88 (20), 206103, 2002
Surface relaxations as a tool to distinguish the dynamic interfacial properties of films by normal and diseased meibomian lipids
G Georgiev, N Yokoi, S Ivanova, V Tonchev, Y Nencheva, R Krastev
Soft matter 10 (30), 5579-5588, 2014
Surface Properties of Squalene/Meibum Films and NMR Confirmation of Squalene in Tears
S Ivanova, V Tonchev, N Yokoi, M Yappert, D Borchman, GA Georgiev
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 16, 21813-21831, 2015
Current induced bunches of steps on the Si (111) surface–a key to measuring the temperature dependence of the step interaction coefficient
S Stoyanov, JJ Métois, V Tonchev
Surface science 465 (3), 227-242, 2000
New Types of Unstable Step-Flow Growth on Si (111)−(7× 7) during Molecular Beam Epitaxy: Scaling and Universality
H Omi, Y Homma, V Tonchev, A Pimpinelli
Physical review letters 95 (21), 216101, 2005
Scaling and universality in models of step bunching: the “C+–C-” model
V Tonchev, B Ranguelov, H Omi, A Pimpinelli
The European Physical Journal B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems 73 (4 …, 2010
Gas sensitive ZnO thin films with desired (002) or (100) orientation obtained by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
O Dimitrov, D Nesheva, V Blaskov, I Stambolova, S Vassilev, Z Levi, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 148 (3), 712-719, 2014
Transient response of electrochemical biosensors with asymmetrical sandwich membranes
I Iliev, P Atanasov, S Gamburzev, A Kaisheva, V Tonchev
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 8 (1), 65-72, 1992
Sigmoid kinetics of protein crystal nucleation
C Nanev, V Tonchev
Journal of Crystal Growth 427, 48-53, 2015
Protocol for growing insulin crystals of uniform size
CN Nanev, VD Tonchev, FV Hodzhaoglu
Journal of Crystal Growth 375, 10-15, 2013
Classification of step bunching phenomena
V Tonchev
Bulgarian Chemical Communications 44 (Special Issue), 124-130, 2012
Electrodeposition of Ni-Cu alloys at high current densities: Details of the elements distribution
D Goranova, R Rashkov, G Avdeev, V Tonchev
Journal of Materials Science 51 (18), 8663–8673, 2016
Step bunching and macrostep formation in 1D atomistic scale model of unstable vicinal crystal growth
F Krzyżewski, M Załuska-Kotur, A Krasteva, H Popova, V Tonchev
Journal of Crystal Growth 474, 135-139, 2017
Step bunching with both directions of the current: Vicinal W (110) surfaces versus atomistic-scale model
O Toktarbaiuly, V Usov, CÓ Coileáin, K Siewierska, S Krasnikov, E Norton, ...
Physical Review B 97 (3), 035436, 2018
Surface properties and exponential stress relaxations of mammalian meibum films
P Eftimov, N Yokoi, V Tonchev, Y Nencheva, GA Georgiev
European Biophysics Journal 46, 129-140, 2017
Shape of atomic steps on Si (111) under localized stress
H Omi, DJ Bottomley, Y Homma, T Ogino, S Stoyanov, V Tonchev
Physical Review B 66 (8), 085303, 2002
Time scaling relations for step bunches from models with step-step attractions (B1- type models)
A Krasteva, H Popova, N Akutsu, V Tonchev
AIP Conference Proceedings 1722, 220015, 2016
Unstable vicinal crystal growth from cellular automata
A Krasteva, H Popova, F Krzyżewski, M Załuska-Kotur, V Tonchev
AIP Conference Proceedings 1722, 220014, 2016
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