Atta ur Rehman Shah
Atta ur Rehman Shah
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, COMSATS University Islamabad, Wah Campus, Pakistan
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Current advances in the fire retardancy of natural fiber and bio-based composites–A review
AUR Shah, MN Prabhakar, JI Song
International journal of precision engineering and manufacturing-green …, 2017
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Waste Peanut Shell Powder as a Bio-filler
JIS M. N. Prabhakar, Atta Ur Rehman Shah, K. Chowdoji Rao
Fibers and Polymers 16 (5), 1119-1124, 2015
Improved flame-retardant and tensile properties of thermoplastic starch/flax fabric green composites
MN Prabhakar, AR Shah, Jung-IlSong
Carbohydrate Polymers 168, 201-211, 2017
A Review on the Flammability and Flame Retardant Properties of Natural Fibers and Polymer Matrix Based Composites
JIS M.N. Prabhakar, Atta ur Rehman Shah
Composites Research 28 (2), 29-39, 2015
Mechanical and biodegradable properties of jute/flax reinforced PLA composites
M Ejaz, MM Azad, AUR Shah, SK Afaq, J Song
Fibers and Polymers 21, 2635-2641, 2020
Fabrication and characterization of eggshell powder particles fused wheat protein isolate green composite for packaging applications
MN Prabhakar, AR Shah, JI Song
POLYMER COMPOSITES 37 (11), 3280–3287, 2016
The influence of particle size and surface treatment of filler on the properties of oyster shell powder filled polypropylene composites
AUR Shah, MN Prabhakar, H Wang, JI Song
Polymer Composites 39 (7), 2420-2430, 2018
Effect of inorganic fillers and ammonium polyphosphate on the flammability, thermal stability, and mechanical properties of abaca-fabric/vinyl ester composites
Z Li, AR Shah, MN Prabhakar, J Song
Fibers and Polymers 18, 555-562, 2017
Effect of concentration of ATH on mechanical properties of polypropylene/aluminium trihydrate (PP/ATH) composite
Atta ur Rehman Shah, Dong-woo Lee, Yi-qi Wang, Abdul Wasy, K.C. Ham ...
Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China 24, s81-s89, 2014
A bio-based approach to simultaneously improve flame retardancy, thermal stability and mechanical properties of nano-silica filled jute/thermoplastic starch composite
MM Azad, M Ejaz, AR Shah, SK Afaq, J Song
Materials Chemistry and Physics 289, 126485, 2022
An investigation on the effect of silica aerogel content on thermal and mechanical properties of sisal/pla nano composites
C Venkata Prasad, P Sudhakara, MN Prabhakar, A Ur Rehman Shah, ...
Polymer Composites 39 (3), 835-840, 2018
Development of Biowaste Encapsulated Polypropylene Composites: Thermal, Optical, Dielectric, Flame Retardant, Mechanical, and Morphological Properties
JIS Atta ur Rehman Shah, M.N. Prabhakar, Mohsin Saleem
Polymer Composites 38 (2), 236–243, 2017
Synergistic effect of aluminum trihydrate and zirconium hydroxide nanoparticles on mechanical properties, flammability, and thermal degradation of polyester/jute fiber composite
M Ejaz, MM Azad, AR Shah, SK Afaq, J Song
Cellulose 29 (3), 1775-1790, 2022
Effect of a synthesized chitosan flame retardant on the flammability, thermal properties, and mechanical properties of vinyl ester/bamboo nonwoven fiber composites
MN Prabhakar, K Venakat Chalapathi, S Atta Ur Rehman, J Song
Cellulose 28, 11625-11643, 2021
Development and Characterization of Oyster Shell Powder Filled Polypropylene Composite
AR Shah, MN Prabhakar, DW Lee, BS Kim, JI Song
Composites Research 27 (5), 201-206, 2014
Development of diamond-like-carbon coated abaca-reinforced polyester composites for hydrophobic and outdoor structural applications
AW Zia, AUR Shah, S Lee, JI Song
Polymer Bulletin 72, 2797-2808, 2015
Mechanical, Thermal, and Fire Retardant Properties of Rice Husk Biochar Reinforced Recycled High-Density Polyethylene Composite Material
AR Shah, A Imdad, A Sadiq, RA Malik, H Alrobei, IA Badruddin
Polymers 15 (8), 1-17, 2023
A study on finite element of pre damaged stress concentration factor for a composite laminate member with central circular
T Ahmed, RS Choudhry, AUR Shah, HA Saeed
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 32 (8), 3653-3658, 2018
Development and characterization of jute/cotton reinforced epoxy/polyester hybrid-resin composite material
AUR Shah, H Ahmad, MH Abid, S Arif, Z Khan, M Khan, F Djavanroodi
Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, 1-8, 2023
Effect of machining parameters on surface quality and delamination of carbon/glass/epoxy hybrid composite material during end milling operation
Q Saghir, S Kamran Afaq, T Ahmed, J Song
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 37, 1-6, 2023
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