Jessica C Bowman
Jessica C Bowman
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Cations in charge: magnesium ions in RNA folding and catalysis
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RiboVision suite for visualization and analysis of ribosomes
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Root of the tree: the significance, evolution, and origins of the ribosome
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The ribosome challenge to the RNA world
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Bidentate RNA–magnesium clamps: on the origin of the special role of magnesium in RNA folding
AS Petrov, JC Bowman, SC Harvey, LD Williams
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RNA with iron(II) as a cofactor catalyses electron transfer
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Molecular paleontology: a biochemical model of the ancestral ribosome
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Multiple prebiotic metals mediate translation
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Folding, assembly, and persistence: The essential nature and origins of biopolymers
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In vitro secondary structure of the genomic RNA of satellite tobacco mosaic virus
SS Athavale, JJ Gossett, JC Bowman, NV Hud, LD Williams, SC Harvey
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Iron mediates catalysis of nucleic acid processing enzymes: support for Fe (II) as a cofactor before the great oxidation event
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Domain III of the T. thermophilus 23S rRNA folds independently to a near-native state
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A blueprint for academic laboratories to produce SARS-CoV-2 quantitative RT-PCR test kits
SJ Mascuch, S Fakhretaha-Aval, JC Bowman, MTH Ma, G Thomas, ...
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RNA tetraloop folding reveals tension between backbone restraints and molecular interactions
S Mohan, C Hsiao, JC Bowman, R Wartell, LD Williams
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Yeast rRNA expansion segments: folding and function
LMG Ramos, JM Smeekens, NA Kovacs, JC Bowman, RM Wartell, R Wu, ...
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Preparation of long templates for RNA in vitro transcription by recursive PCR
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RNA: packaged and protected by VLPs
PY Fang, JC Bowman, LMG Ramos, C Hsiao, LD Williams
RSC advances 8 (38), 21399-21406, 2018
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