Temenuzhka Yovcheva
Temenuzhka Yovcheva
Професор по физика на кондензираната материя, Пловдивски университет
Потвърден имейл адрес: uni-plovdiv.bg
Corona charging of synthetic polymer films
TA Yovcheva
Nova Science Publishers, 2010
Study of charge storage in the nanofibrous poly (ethylene terephthalate) electrets prepared by electrospinning or by corona discharge method
M Ignatova, T Yovcheva, A Viraneva, G Mekishev, N Manolova, I Rashkov
European Polymer Journal 44 (7), 1962-1967, 2008
Modified design of a laser refractometer
I Bodurov, I Vlaeva, A Viraneva, T Yovcheva, S Sainov
Nanosci. Nanotechnol 16, 31-33, 2016
Improvement of polylactic acid electret properties by addition of fine barium titanate
AA Guzhova, MF Galikhanov, YA Gorokhovatsky, DE Temnov, ...
Journal of Electrostatics 79, 1-6, 2016
Corona-charged polypropylene electrets analyzed by XPS
TA Yovcheva, IA Avramova, GA Mekishev, TS Marinova
Journal of electrostatics 65 (10-11), 667-671, 2007
Study of polylactic acid corona electrets
A Guzhova, T Yovcheva, A Viraneva
Bulgarian Chemical Communications 47 (B), 115, 2015
A percolation theory analysis of surface potential decay related to corona charged polypropylene (PP) electrets
TA Yovcheva, GA Mekishev, AT Marinov
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 16 (3), 455, 2004
Optical properties of photopolymerizable nanocomposites containing nanosized molecular sieves
I Naydenova, E Leite, T Babeva, N Pandey, T Baron, T Yovcheva, ...
Journal of Optics 13 (4), 044019, 2011
Optical properties of silica MFI doped acrylamide-based photopolymer
T Babeva, R Todorov, S Mintova, T Yovcheva, I Naydenova, V Toal
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Contact angle analysis of corona treated polypropylene films
MG I. Vlaeva, T. Yovcheva, A. Viraneva, S. Kitova, G. Exner, A. Guzhova
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PMMA films refractive index modulation via TiO 2 nanoparticle inclusions and corona poling
I Bodurov, T Yovcheva, S Sainov
Colloid and Polymer Science 292 (11), 3045-3048, 2014
Dielectric and electric properties of new chitosan-hydroxyapatite materials for biomedical application: Dielectric spectroscopy and corona treatment
I Petrov, O Kalinkevich, M Pogorielov, A Kalinkevich, A Stanislavov, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 151, 770-778, 2016
Detection of adulteration in olive oils using optical and thermal methods
I Bodurov, I Vlaeva, M Marudova, T Yovcheva, K Nikolova, T Eftimov, ...
Bulgarian Chemical Communications 45, 81-85, 2013
Corona-charged polypropylene films investigated by a laser refractometer
T Yovcheva, S Sainov, G Mekishev
Journal of optoelectronics and advanced materials 9 (7), 2087-2090, 2007
Study of electrets stored at pressures lower than atmospheric
GA Mekishev, TA Yovcheva, EA Gentcheva, SR Nedev
Journal of electrostatics 63 (11), 1009-1015, 2005
Refractive index investigation of poly (vinyl alcohol) films with TiO 2 nanoparticle inclusions
T Yovcheva, I Vlaeva, I Bodurov, V Dragostinova, S Sainov
Applied optics 51 (32), 7771-7775, 2012
Investigation of PP and PTFE film electrets stored at low pressure
GA Mekishev, TA Yovcheva, AP Viraneva
Journal of non-crystalline solids 353 (47-51), 4453-4456, 2007
Low pressure and humidity influences on the electret surface potential decay
A Viraneva, T Yovcheva, E Gencheva, G Mekishev
Journal of physics: Conference series 253 (1), 012069, 2010
Effect of gamma‐irradiation on the electret properties of poly(L‐lactide)
T Yovcheva, M Marudova, A Viraneva, E Gencheva, N Balabanov, ...
Journal of applied polymer science 128 (1), 139-144, 2013
Effect of TiO2 particle incorporation on the electret properties of corona charged polypropylene composite films
A Viraneva, T Yovcheva, I Bodurov, M Galikhanov
Bulg. Chem. Communications 45 (B), 73-76, 2013
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