Andrew O. Brightman
Andrew O. Brightman
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Identification of extractable growth factors from small intestinal submucosa
SL Voytik‐Harbin, AO Brightman, MR Kraine, B Waisner, SF Badylak
Journal of cellular biochemistry 67 (4), 478-491, 1997
Glycosaminoglycan content of small intestinal submucosa: a bioscaffold for tissue replacement
JP Hodde, SF Badylak, AO Brightman, SL Voytik-Harbin
Tissue engineering 2 (3), 209-217, 1996
Stomach submucosa derived tissue graft
SF Badylak, SL Voytik-Harbin, AO Brightman, RS Tullius
US Patent 6,099,567, 2000
Time‐lapse confocal reflection microscopy of collagen fibrillogenesis and extracellular matrix assembly in vitro
AO Brightman, BP Rajwa, JE Sturgis, ME McCallister, JP Robinson, ...
Biopolymers: Original Research on Biomolecules 54 (3), 222-234, 2000
Application and evaluation of the alamarBlue assay for cell growth and survival of fibroblasts
SL Voytik-Harbin, AO Brightman, B Waisner, CH Lamar, SF Badylak
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Animal 34 (3), 239-246, 1998
Small Intestinal Submucosa: A Tissue-Derived Extracellular Matrix That Promotes Tissue-Specific Growth and Differentiation of Cells in Vitro
SL Voytik-Harbin, AO Brightman, BZ Waisner, JP Robinson, CH Lamar
Tissue engineering 4 (2), 157-174, 1998
Auxin-stimulated NADH oxidase purified from plasma membrane of soybean
AO Brightman, R Barr, FL Crane, DJ Morré
Plant Physiology 86 (4), 1264-1269, 1988
A growth factor-and hormone-stimulated NADH oxidase from rat liver plasma membrane
AO Brightman, J Wang, RK Miu, IL Sun, R Barr, FL Crane, DJ Morré
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NADH oxidase of plasma membranes
DJ Morré, AO Brightman
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Role of plasma membrane redox activities in elongation growth in plants
DJ Moiré, AO Brightman, LY Wu, R Barr, B Leak, FL Crane
Physiologia Plantarum 73 (1), 187-193, 1988
Stimulation of NADH oxidase activity from rat liver plasma membranes by growth factors and hormones is decreased or absent with hepatoma plasma membranes
M Bruno, AO Brightman, J Lawrence, D Werderitsh, DM Morré, DJ Morré
Biochemical Journal 284 (3), 625-628, 1992
Isolation of highly purified fractions of plasma membrane and tonoplast from the same homogenate of soybean hypocotyls by free-flow electrophoresis
AS Sandelius, C Penel, G Auderset, A Brightman, M Millard, DJ Morré
Plant Physiology 81 (1), 177-185, 1986
Submucosa as a growth substrate for cells
SL Voytik-Harbin, AO Brightman, RM Meixner, BZ Waisner
US Patent 6,264,992, 2001
Phosphatidylinositol specific phospholipase C of plant stems: membrane associated activity concentrated in plasma membranes
H Pfaffmann, E Hartmann, AO Brightman, DJ Morré
Plant physiology 85 (4), 1151-1155, 1987
The development of empathic perspective‐taking in an engineering ethics course
JL Hess, J Strobel, AO Brightman
Journal of Engineering Education 106 (4), 534-563, 2017
Submucosa gel compositions
SL Voytik-Harbin, AO Brightman, RM Meixner, BZ Waisner
US Patent 6,444,229, 2002
Isolation of plasma membrane and tonoplast fractions from spinach leaves by preparative free‐flow electrophoresis and effect of photoinduction
G Auderset, AS Sandelius, C Penel, A Brightman, H Greppin, DJ Morré
Physiologia Plantarum 68 (1), 1-12, 1986
Selective inhibition of auxin-stimulated NADH oxidase activity and elongation growth of soybean hypocotyls by thiol reagents
DJ Morré, AO Brightman, A Hidalgo, P Navas
Plant physiology 107 (4), 1285-1291, 1995
Reflexive principlism as an effective approach for developing ethical reasoning in engineering
J Beever, AO Brightman
Science and engineering ethics 22 (1), 275-291, 2016
Plasma membrane vesicles of opposite sidedness from soybean hypocotyls by preparative free-flow electrophoresis
H Canut, A Brightman, AM Boudet, DJ Morré
Plant physiology 86 (2), 631-637, 1988
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