marzio cassandro
marzio cassandro
professor of theoretical physics
Потвърден имейл адрес: roma1.infn.it
Metastable behavior of stochastic dynamics: a pathwise approach
M Cassandro, A Galves, E Olivieri, ME Vares
Journal of statistical physics 35, 603-634, 1984
Critical point behaviour and probability theory
M Cassandro, G Jona-Lasinio
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Existence and uniqueness of DLR measures for unbounded spin systems
M Cassandro, E Olivieri, A Pellegrinotti, E Presutti
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Phase transitions in Ising systems with long but finite range interactions
M Cassandro, E Presutti
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Renormalization group and analyticity in one dimension: A proof of Dobrushin's theorem
M Cassandro, E Olivieri
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Interfaces and typical Gibbs configurations for one-dimensional Kac potentials
M Cassandro, E Orlandi, E Presutti
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On the existence of thermodynamics for the generalized random energy model
D Capocaccia, M Cassandro, P Picco
Journal of statistical physics 46, 493-505, 1987
Geometry of contours and Peierls estimates in d= 1 Ising models with long range interactions
M Cassandro, PA Ferrari, I Merola, E Presutti
Journal of mathematical physics 46 (5), 2005
Small random perturbations of infinite dimensional dynamical systems and nucleation theory
M Cassandro, E Olivieri, P Picco
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Phase Transition in the 1d Random Field Ising Model with long range interaction
M Cassandro, E Orlandi, P Picco
Communications in Mathematical Physics 288 (2), 731-744, 2009
Limit theorems for statistics of combinatorial partitions with applications to mean field Bose gas
G Benfatto, M Cassandro, I Merola, E Presutti
Journal of mathematical physics 46 (3), 2005
Constrained minima of nonlocal free energy functionals
G Bellettini, M Cassandro, E Presutti
Journal of statistical physics 84, 1337-1349, 1996
Phase transitions in ferromagnetic Ising models with spatially dependent magnetic fields
R Bissacot, M Cassandro, L Cioletti, E Presutti
Communications in Mathematical Physics 337, 41-53, 2015
Relationship between recovery from sublethal damage by dose fractionation and the restoration of viability after delayed plating in diploid Saccharomyces cerevisiae
S Bacchetti, M Cassandro, R Elli, R Falchetti, F Mauro
Radiation Research 29 (2), 295-315, 1966
Typical configurations for one-dimensional random field Kac model
M Cassandro, E Orlandi, P Picco
The Annals of Probability 27 (3), 1414-1467, 1999
Infinite differentiability for one-dimensional spin system with long range random interaction
M Cassandro, E Olivieri, B Tirozzi
One-dimensional random field Kac's model: localization of the phases
M Cassandro, E Orlandi, P Picco, ME Vares
Asymptotic limit of vertex functions in perturbation theory
M Cassandro, M Cini
Il Nuovo Cimento (1955-1965) 34, 1719-1731, 1964
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